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4 Types of Jeans to Wear Instead of Skinny Jeans

4 Types of Jeans to Wear Instead of Skinny Jeans

Since our tried and trusted friends won't make the cut any longer, we're giving you the 4 best types of jeans to replace skinny jeans! May they RIP.

Gen Z has officially killed skinny jeans. May they rest in peace.

Lean into the cancellation of skinny jeans by embracing the other great types of jeans.

We all love a good pair of jeans, including those skinny jeans we’re supposedly not to wear anymore. Don’t worry though, we know a couple types of jeans that are currently trending so you can refresh your denim game.

Whether you’re now lost without your favorite skinny jeans or just looking to update your wardrobe, try these types of jeans to stay in trend.


1. Flare

Yes, you read that right. Flare jeans are back. We’re just as surprised as you are, but it seems that a lot of the 80s and 90s trends we used to see as “cringey” when we reached the millennium have come back full swing. Flare jeans can actually be really elongating because of the extra fabric and look really unique compared to your skinny jeans.


2. Straight leg

Some people absolutely detest straight legs because they feel it can be a bit unflattering on them. Well, don’t knock them until you try them. Pair straight jeans with a cute pair of loafers and a cardigan top and you’ll look absolutely adorable, we guarantee it.

3. Mom

These are our personal favorite because they seem to look so cute on everyone who wears them. The high waist creates a long silhouette, making the legs appear really long. If you roll up the hem on the bottom and wear a pair of chunky white sneakers, you will be as in-trend and anyone can be.


4. Boyfriend

These jeans are meant to look like you are wearing men’s jeans, but in an effortless casual and chic kind of way. They look like they’re a little big baggy but still fit in the places it needs to, like the waist and hips. Sometimes you can find these jeans looking a bit distressed, with some color fading and rips.

The great thing about fashion is how it may be constantly evolving, but sometimes it comes back to older fashion that we once saw as ugly or bad and makes us see these trends in a completely different light. We think you’ll see it too.

Some of these types of jeans may have been cancelled themselves before, but they’re back and they’re now cool again. Maybe skinny jeans will make a comeback in the future?


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