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The 3 Facial Beauty Tools You Need in Your Skincare Routine

The 3 Facial Beauty Tools You Need in Your Skincare Routine

Get the most out of your beauty regimen with these facial beauty tools.

Feel lost in the complicated world of skincare?

We’re here to help you navigate! Try these 3 facial beauty tools to get your best skin yet.

In such a saturated market, even the most knowledgeable people struggle to determine the perfect skincare routine. That’s largely due to the fact that most skincare products only work for specific skin types. Luckily, we’ve rounded up three facial beauty tools that are universally great for skincare.

Get glowy skin in no time with these three gorgeous tools!

Ice Roller

An ice roller is one of the most simple yet effective additions to your skincare routine. Ice rollers are (as the name suggests) a rolling device with a stainless steel head that you keep in the freezer and use to roll onto your skin daily. The benefits are endless, but our favorites are decreased swelling and puffiness (which is significant for the under-eye area), increased circulation, which promotes glowy skin and anti-aging, and pore shrinking! We love to use this tool morning and night as the last step in our skincare routine!

Gua Sha

This ancient Chinese facial technique has recently made a big comeback in the skincare world. Gua Sha is a method of scraping your face with a massaging stone to achieve increased circulation, proper lymph node drainage (which helps get rid of swelling and fluid buildup in the face), and facial muscle sculpting for that snatched supermodel look!

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Facial Razor

Dermaplaning is one of the most popular services during facials, dermaplaning is the act of scraping the face with a razor to remove dead skin, product buildup, and the fuzz that we all have on our faces. Did you know that dermaplaning can be done at home? Small razors (available on Amazon) can be used to gently scrape the face to achieve smooth, glowing results in no time at all!

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