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The 5 Essential Wellness Practices to Aid Mental Health

The 5 Essential Wellness Practices to Aid Mental Health

Prioritize your mental health with these wellness practices, and watch your entire life improve.

Tired of feeling unsatisfied? Ready to get more out of life?

Incorporate these wellness practices into your everyday routine.

The best way to get out of a rut is to start small. We’ve rounded up some simple, great suggestions to improve your life, one day at a time. If you stick with these suggestions, we promise that you’re going to see a big impact. Get ready to improve your mental health with these wellness practices.

Upgrade your life with these fulfilling ways to spend your free time.

Gratitude journal

Keeping a diary of what brings you joy and what you’re most thankful for isn’t just a pleasant way to spend a few minutes: it’s good for your health. According to a recent academic study, people who logged what had made them happy during the week were not only more optimistic and content in their lives, but they also exercised more and had fewer health-related visits to physicians. Furthermore, expressing gratitude can also improve your social bonds and relationships, further enhancing life satisfaction and your mental health outlook. Didn’t you say you were looking for an excuse to indulge in some new stationery?


Woman in Pink Crop Top and Jogging Pants Practicing Yoga

It’s time to get your zen on. There’s a laundry list of benefits associated with taking time out to meditate. Studies have shown that meditation can help people sleep better, reduce stress, cope with symptoms associated with depression and anxiety, ease psychological difficulties associated with chronic pain, and improve some cognitive and behavioral functions.


While you might think simply inhaling and exhaling isn’t something you have to work on, controlled breathwork, as a concept, has been shown to have major benefits. Studies show that incorporating this method can reduce stress and symptoms associated with anxiety, insomnia, and post-traumatic stress disorder, as well as increasing alertness, and boosting your immune system. Most practices range from 20 minutes to an hour, with a goal of bringing awareness to gentle, sustained, rhythmic breathing. You can find the one that best suits your lifestyle — from Shamanic to Transformational — here.


person lying on bed near window

Forget 40 winks, getting your adequate shuteye is imperative to your wellbeing. Sleep facilitates our body’s and brain’s need to repair and rebuild after everything the day throws at us. Poor sleep is linked to a multitude of physical and mental problems, including depression, anxiety, and a weakened immune system. Arguably, we could all do with improving our “sleep hygiene” and nixing bad habits like late-night screen time and drinking coffee in the late afternoon. Take some time to reassess your PM routine and see how it enhances how you wake up in the morning.


woman doing yoga

The links between physical activity and mental health have long been established. But we’re here to tell you the secret. Do something you enjoy! If you hate HIIT or dance cardio, opt for a preferred method. Not only will you feel great thanks to the endorphins, but partaking in an activity you love is proven to be far more beneficial for your mind.

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