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7 Deadly Sins You Need to Avoid as a PRO

7 Deadly Sins You Need to Avoid as a PRO

Learn the deadly sins you should never commit, along with some useful tips and tricks.

You don't always have to learn the hard way!

Avoid the deadly sins in the health and beauty industry that could ruin your career.

Staying popular and relevant as a health or beauty PRO can be a challenge. Social media can cause your business to flourish or fail, seemingly overnight. We’re here to help ensure your business prospers. Focus on the potential for success, avoid the deadly sins of the industry, and keep striving to succeed at your artistry. Your career will thrive in no time!

Avoid these mistakes in the health and beauty industry, and be prepared to receive great endorsements from adoring fans.

Not Sanitizing

If you are not sanitizing your equipment, tools, space, and your hands after each appointment, then you need to close up shop. The number one rule that every health and beauty professional must follow is hygiene and sanitation, especially during COVID-19. You don’t want to be known as the business that puts their customers in harm. Therefore, always have enough cleaning and sanitation supplies everywhere you work.

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Not Utilizing Social Media

Before social media, people would advertise their business through word of mouth or print pieces. However, thanks to the internet, you can now advertise your business to even more people through social media. Brands that don’t utilize social media are missing out on the thousands of opportunities to expand their client base.

Not Asking for Photos from Clients

As a health and beauty business, photos are going to entice potential customers. Not many people book with a service company that doesn’t provide previous work samples. Sometimes, keeping up with photos can be tedious and time-consuming, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get some great shots. Send your customers a follow-up message asking for any photos they took in their look or to leave a review with photos online, on your website, or social media.

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Skipping the Reviews

Just like having photos, customers look for businesses that have reviews. Reviews give clients an idea of what they might experience, and people are more likely to book or purchase items from you if you have reviews. Don’t delete the negative reviews you receive. Customers prefer seeing a mixture, so they know that you’re not a scam or using people to saturate your business with only good things.

Not Staying On Top of the Trends

Trends play a huge role in the health and beauty industry. People are always trying new products and services. As a business professional, it’s your responsibility to know the trends and follow them. A great way to learn about these trends is through social media, news articles, and asking your clients.


Not Being Certified

Nowadays, almost anybody can open a business. There are so many makeup artists and nail technicians that never went to a school to get certified. We want you to know that to keep your clients and get paid more–you need to be certified in everything you do. A certification builds trust between you and clients.

Not Following Up

Many businesses believe that they never have to do a follow-up after the appointment–and that is a huge mistake. A few weeks or months after a specific health or beauty appointment, the client may need to come back. Having a calling or messaging system that checks up on your customers can bring them back. Also, sending follow-up messages can be an opportunity for surveys and reviews.

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