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Try the 10x10 Closet Challenge for Your Upcoming Vacation

Try the 10x10 Closet Challenge for Your Upcoming Vacation

Packing for a trip and feeling overwhelmed? The 10 x 10 closet challenge is exactly what you need.

Going on vacation should be relaxing!

Don’t let the stress of packing get in the way of your perfect trip. Instead, use the 10 x 10 closet challenge for your easiest packing experience yet.

If you’re a chronic overpacker, you’re in the right place. As a woman who insists on bringing a dozen tops for a weekend trip, the 10 x 10 closet challenge is going to be my go-to solution for summer vacations. This fool-proof system ensures you bring ten days worth of outfits with just ten items. Be the most fashionable woman on vacay and have tons of room in your luggage to bring back some adorable souvenirs.

Get ready for the most stylish and relaxed trip of your life!

First step: download the MOBILESTYLES App 10x10 closet challenge worksheet! Download here:


Ready to go? Awesome, let’s get started!

In the first section of the worksheet, we advise being mindful of weather, lifestyle, and a keen color scheme. This is important because it’ll be easier to combine different articles of clothing.

We recommend:

  • 4 tops that are summer-friendly
  • 2 shoes (walking and/or sandals)
  • 2 bottoms (shorts, pants, or jeans)
  • 1 top layer (a light cardigan)
  • 1 summer dress

Keeping your items simple will make creating your outfits that much easier! These are some of our favorite summer items from our closet.


H&M Camisole Top


H&M Halterneck Top 

Bald girl

H&M Drawstring Tank Top 

black bald girl

H&M Modal-blend Wrapover Top

girl in grey suit


H&M Cotton Jersey Cycling Shorts

girl in black suit

H&M Pull-on Pants

girl in jeans jacket


Platform Sneakers

white sneakers

Pointed-toe Slingbacks 

black sandals

Outer layer

Loose-knit Cardigan

divided hm


Tie-belt Satin Dress

green dress

We want to see your most iconic look from vacation! Show us your favorite outfit from the 10 x 10 closet challenge by tagging @mobilestylesapp on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.


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