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3 Tips for the Soon-to-be-Mom in Your Life

3 Tips for the Soon-to-be-Mom in Your Life

Advice and pointers for the soon-to-be-mom in your life that may need some help getting through the day.

Any soon-to-be-mom is sure to be under a lot of pressure. Here are some tips and advice you can share with them to ease their stress.

Between preparing a nursery, picking baby names, and dealing with changes to her body, any soon-to-be-mom can benefit from hearing some tips and reassurance from people close to to them.

Read on to find out some good advice to share with your expectant friend or family member.


Don’t worry about the small things

It will be impossible for you to put everything in order at once. Preparing for a new baby is a lot of work, and the necessities only grow after the child is born. Focus on taking care of larger tasks, like setting up a bedroom and taking care of your body, and the rest will fall into place.

Nursing Items

While not every mom breastfeeds, many do. Nursing supplies and clothing are expensive. Make her wallet happy and her life easier by gifting her milk storage bags, nursing pads, nipple cream, a body pillow, nursing bras, nursing tanks, or a feeding shield. You can find these items at your local Walmart or Target.

woman lying on bed with white Siberian husky

New Pajamas

Once the baby is born, mom will be stuck at home feeling tired and uncomfortable. Make her feel comfy and cozy with a new pajama set. You will want to find something that is breathable, lightweight, and easy to breastfeed in. We recommend going with a lightweight, cotton, button-down shirt and pant set. You can jazz up the ensemble with house slippers, a robe, and a sleeping mask. You can find many complete sets online or at a local retail shop.


Be supportive of yourself and your body

Even if you have an entire team of family and friends around to help you get organized and ready for the baby to come-- which many soon to be moms will not have-- giving birth is still a lot of work. It is also very strenuous on your body and you will need to reserve some energy for yourself to prepare and heal afterwards. Be your own best friend during this time, and don't beat yourself up too much for not being a supermom. Make sure to let your body rest as well. Only eat foods that can provide you with nutrients and energy. This. especially important if you are breastfeeding your baby. Talk to your doctor about the kinds of foods you can have that will best support yours and your baby’s body.


Get as much sleep as you can

Once you have a newborn in the house, you will find that your sleep schedule, and your ability to stay asleep for long periods of time, will decrease dramatically. Being deprived of sleep can add unnecessary stress to soon to be moms. So, take the opportunity to get some sleep in the few weeks and days before your due date. This way, you can make sure your mind and body are in tip top shape for the exciting new parenting journey you are about to begin.

A Self-Care Kit

After the baby comes, the new mom will likely not have any time for herself. And, as a human being, you have to practice self-care to stay in the right mindset. If a new mom does not have some form of self-care, she may experience postpartum depression or anxiety. Gift the soon-to-be mom in your life a self-care kit! You can create it yourself or buy a premade kit. We recommend including lotions, books, puzzles, bath bombs, bubble bath, wine, and any other self-care items you can think of!

bunch of chocolates in box


Future moms may want some extra sweetness in their life before their little one arrives. For her first Mother’s Day, gift her favorite chocolate, candy, or snacks. Plus, it’s a sweet little treat for the baby growing inside her, as well! However, try not to go overboard. The health of the baby is first priority!

Hospital Bag

While focusing on getting things ready for her newborn, she may forget to find a hospital bag for herself. Soon-to-be mom deserves a new bag to take with her. It may be the last bag she gets for a while since the little one will become priority. There are several options that make great hospital bags, including suitcases, duffel bags, and totes.

person holding woman nose

Prenatal Massage

Being pregnant takes a toll on a woman’s body, especially during the last trimester. While a normal massage is not recommended by doctors, a prenatal massage is. Prenatal massages use a technique that is completely safe for mom and baby, so as not to initiate premature labor or cause any type of harm. And luckily, we have a large variety of PROs in your area who can perform prenatal massages. Hop on the app and schedule an appointment with one today!

After reading this article, are you ready to offer advice to the soon-to-be-mom in your life? Hopefully, you can help take some stress off their plate with emotional support.


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