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6 Tips On How To Go Viral On TikTok

6 Tips On How To Go Viral On TikTok

Guessing how to go viral on TikTok? Check out these crazy tips to make your videos viral and gain thousands of followers on TikTok.

It’s as simple as posting a funny enough 15-second video, and you could go viral on TikTok.

And, if humor isn’t really your thing, then you can make a video about anything and potentially have it go viral. Take advantage of the app and the opportunity to gain followers simply for your personality, humor, talent, or knowledge! All you need to do is put some effort into the ideation and production of your video and you can be viral on TikTok!

There are also some other things to pay attention to in order to go viral on TikTok.

These tips will help you go viral on TikTok.

Do your take on the trends ASAP

If you start to see a trend that is going viral,

try to create your own video as soon as you see the trend gain traction. The sooner you hop onto a trend, the higher the chances you have of going viral.

Create your own trends, dances, and sounds

While creating videos that emulate current trends is a great way to boost your following and increase your chances of going viral, creating your own trends, dances, and sounds, is also a great growth tip! Creating these trends allows others to have their take on your idea and you’ll receive credit on their accounts, boosting your reach.


Keep things quick and exciting

TikTok is an app with a short attention span. Keeping videos short, exciting, colorful, and fun, will increase your chances of being seen, shared, liked, and followed. (All of which are essential in going viral on TikTok.)

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Use hashtags

Don’t even think about posting a video without any hashtags or simply using the #fyp or #foryou hashtags. Come up with trending hashtags and hashtags that describe what’s happening in your videos so that they appear for the people who are trying to find them. Having TikToks that are easy to find instantly boosts your reach, and TikTok will show your videos to the people who have previously interacted with similar videos and topics.

Post as much as you can

Most of the popular creators you see and follow post at least three times a day. The more you post, the more chances you have to go viral on Tiktok. Also, the more you post, the more people will want to follow you because you’re consistently posting content that they want to see.


Be yourself

TikTok celebrates individuality! Be yourself, share your talents, skills, advice, humor, and everything that makes you, YOU!

TikTok celebrates individuality, so be yourself, share your talents, skills, advice, humor, and everything that makes you, YOU! You are sure to go viral on TikTok at some point if you keep yourself dedicated.

Let us know the latest trend you’re into in the comments below!


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