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5 Dog Mom Gifts for The Furry Friend Lover In Your Life

5 Dog Mom Gifts for The Furry Friend Lover In Your Life

Are you and your significant other gamers? Well good news for you — we've got the 5 best video games for couples to enjoy for an easy date night!

Shopping for your friends who have pets has never been easier.

The greatest dog mom gift ideas are right at your fingertips.

Dog parents are constantly spending money on their adorable, fluffy friends. The next time you feel like treating one of your pet-obsessed BFFs, consider getting them one of these adorable dog mom gifts.

We’ve rounded up our top 5 ideas that’ll make the dog mom in your life jump for joy!

Chom Chom Roller

1. Chom Chom Roller

This roller will pick up all kinds of fur from their furniture, clothing, rugs, curtains, and everything in between. It will save them money on all those lint rollers, and doesn’t need a power source like a vacuum does. It even has a little compartment that collects all the extra fur so there isn’t a big mess to clean up.

Paw Washer

2. Paw Washer

When their dog is outside playing in the yard, they find some way to get their paws messy more times than not. Then, they drag it all around the house! This paw washer will make it easy for your friend to wash off their dog’s paws before they step foot inside the home.

Seat Belt Tether

3. Seat Belt Tether

It can be really anxiety-inducing to bring your dog on trips when you roll the windows down or they're just walking around the back. If you get into an accident, who knows if your pup will be okay. This seat belt tether will keep them safe and give your friends lots of peace knowing their pup will be okay.

Portable Water Bottle

4. Portable Water Bottle

As the warm weather quickly approaches, your friend will probably be taking their pup on all kinds of adventures. However, drinking water from a water bottle can prove to be really inconvenient for the dog and the owner. With just a press of a button, this water bottle releases water into the bowl, making it a breeze for their dog to drink water.

A Ball Launcher

5. A Ball Launcher

Throwing balls when playing fetch can be tiring on the arms! This ball launcher will not only save your friend’s arm, but will throw the ball twice as far as your friend can even throw. This will give their dog way more exercise!

We love our kids, but some people love their dogs just as much as some people love their children. Even if it doesn’t feel the same to you, it does to them, so buying them a little gift to show your appreciation for them taking care of their fur baby will go a long way in your friendship. Happy Mother’s Day to ALL mothers!

Did you purchase one of our 5 favorite dog mom gifts? Share a photo of your adorable pupper with us by tagging @mobilestylesapp on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.


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