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Top 7 Best Blue Light Blocking Eyeglasses for Computer Use

Top 7 Best Blue Light Blocking Eyeglasses for Computer Use

Let’s look cute while protecting ourselves! Check out these blue light blocking eyeglasses for computers to ease the straining on your eyes.

Are you experiencing discomfort from staring at your screen all day?

If your eyes are dry and tired from screen time, try these eyeglasses for computer use now!

Many people work office jobs and are required to intensely stare at their computer screen all day, every day. All that squinting and straining can really take a toll on our eyeballs, but luckily there’s a way to ease the discomfort with blue light blocking eyeglasses for computer use.

Check out some options below!

black frames

1. Black Frames

You can never go wrong with a classic black frame like these. They’re stylish, chic, and will go with any outfit you wear. The slightly round style is a great way to frame the face without making you look too boxy– like you’d get with rectangular frames.

Thin Gold Frames

2. Thin Gold Frames

If you’re more into the vintage look you remember your grandparents wearing, these are definitely the frames for you. The thinner frame works really well if you have a smaller face because it won’t feel like the glasses are overpowering your entire head. The gold color will also complement many warm skin tones and possibly even some cool tones as well!

Hexagon Frames

3. Hexagon Frames

These frames are ideal for someone who just loves to look a bit unique. The special hexagon frames are sure to get the attention of everyone who sees them. The rose gold frames will also complement any skin tone.

Retro Glasses

4. Retro Glasses

These may be really bold, but they’re also really fun too! They’re out there and retro, so if that’s you, then you definitely need a pair like these!

Transparent Glasses

5. Transparent Glasses

Transparent glasses are on-trend right now and are a great way to protect your eyes without being too intrusive on your face.

Tortoise Shell Glasses

6. Tortoise Shell Glasses

These types of frames are stylish and timeless! You’ll never really see tortoise shells go out of style. The pattern goes so well with any skin tone and will make any outfit immediately look put together.

Semi-Rimless Glasses

7. Semi-Rimless Glasses

These particular frames are unique because they’re a perfect combination of transparent frames and wire frames. They’re uncommon, it’ll look like you got them special ordered for a lot of money!

Protecting your eyes doesn’t have to take a lot of work. Sometimes all you need is a good pair of glasses to rest your eyes but also have you looking oh-so-cute!

With this many different styles to choose from, you’re sure to find at least one pair of eyeglasses for computer use that you love! Which pair is your favorite? Tag us on Instagram @mobilestylesapp.


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