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Networking Tips for PROs in the Beauty Industry

Networking Tips for PROs in the Beauty Industry

Boost your business! Follow MOBILESTYLES' networking tips for professional service providers and grow your business tenfold.

Explore the best 5 networking tips for beauty professionals.

Being an entrepreneur, while a blessing, poses its challenges, as well. Networking is the number one tool for an entrepreneur, but if you don’t have connections, this can be seemingly impossible. That’s why MOBILESTYLES compiled these networking tips for professionals in the beauty industry.

Here’s how you can start networking today.

Build your social media accounts

The best part about the world today is that social media is such a huge part of our lives. That makes networking as a beauty professional as easy as can be! Post photos of your work on social media, share your portfolio, client testimonials, follow creators that inspire you, and build a community of fellow beauty lovers and beauty professionals. This is the best and easiest way to network without even having to leave your home. Include your professional contact information in your bio, and on your photos so that people looking for local beauty professionals can easily find, and (hopefully) book you!


Find an assistant position or a mentor

If you’re new to the beauty industry, the best experience you can find is by becoming an assistant to a successful beauty professional or to be mentored by one. These connections will be priceless when it comes to building your portfolio and learning the ins and outs of the industry.


Attend beauty events

Keep your eye out for local beauty events and conferences and attend every one you can. This will allow you to meet and network with local beauty lovers in person (and it will also score you some free beauty goodies to use in your kit). These events and conferences are so inspiring and fun!


Be friendly and do your best work

The best networking tip is to do and be your best. Word of mouth marketing is so important to beauty professionals. By being friendly, and producing great results for your clients, they’ll recommend you to their network, which will garner you even more clients! Every person you meet and work with is an opportunity to meet and work with even more people.

These networking tips are guaranteed to help you grow your business. We can’t wait to see you thriving as an entrepreneur! Which of these networking tips helped you the most? Let us know by tagging @mobilestylesapp on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


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