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How to Pick the Best Skincare Products for Your Skin Type

How to Pick the Best Skincare Products for Your Skin Type

Let’s get personal! Determine your skin type and find good for your skin products with MOBILESTYLES.

Skincare isn’t one-size-fits-all — a crucial part of the process is to determine your skin type so you can pick the best skincare products for you.

When it comes to skincare, just because a product works well for someone else doesn't mean that it'll work well for you. The success of a skincare product depends on the type of skin you have and whether or not the product corresponds with it. If you’re unsure how to determine your skin type, we’ve put together this guide.


There are four main skin types: normal, dry, oily, and combination.


Normal skin types typically have no big issues, they’re not too oily or too dry.


Dry skin produces less oil than the other skin types and can feel and look rough and dull.



Oily skin produces more oil than other skin types and is typically acne prone because of this excess oil production.


Combination skin can often be the hardest to deal with as those with combination skin can have oily skin and dry skin all at the same time.

Your skin may fall on a scale of normal to dry, or normal to oily if you don't feel that you fall into one category or the other. Skin type is determined by genetics, but can be treated and taken care of by using the proper products for your skin type.

Once you’ve determined your skin type from the four types above, it’s time to find the right products for you. Beauty retailers like Sephora even have a tool where you can filter products that will work best for you based upon your skin type.

For normal skin, you want to maintain the balance between oily and dry. To achieve this–look for: products that gently remove your makeup, products that lightly exfoliate and remove dead skin, products that maintain hydration, and as with any skin type, products that contain SPF to protect your skin from the sun.


For dry skin, the goal is to boost and hold hydration so your skincare routine should include lots of moisturizing and hydrating products. To cleanse your skin opt for a cleansing oil that will hydrate your skin at the same time. Intense hydration serums and moisturizers will be your best friend as well as cream or gel based sunscreens!

When it comes to oily skin, the goal is to decrease and control the production of oil that your skin produces. Opt for gentle cleansers and chemical exfoliants that clear pores. When it comes to moisturizer, many people think that moisturizer will make your skin more oily, but that's definitely not the case. Oily skin needs to be properly moisturized and hydrated too, so that your skin doesn’t produce too much oil on its own. A powder based spf will help to absorb oil while also protecting your skin. (This is also great for every skin type to reapply sunscreen on top of makeup.)


To best care for your combination skin, balance is key. A gentle cleanser will prevent irritation, a mattifying product will control the oil production in your t-zone, a lightweight moisturizer and oil-free sunscreen will provide the balance that your skin craves!

We hope this guide is beneficial for you to learn how to pick the best skincare products. Let us know your skin type and your favorite products by tagging us on social media @mobilestylesapp! 


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