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Pedal Your Way to World Bicycle Day

Pedal Your Way to World Bicycle Day

It’s time to cycle your way into June! Maybe you’re like me and you haven’t placed your hands on a set of handlebars since you were a child.

Well, get your training wheels back out, because World Bicycle Day is June 3.

World Bicycle Day was established in 2018 by the United Nations as a way to recognize the significance and uniqueness of the bike, which has been around since the early 19th century.

There are so many benefits to riding bikes! Here’s why you should participate in World Bicycle Day:

Amazing health benefits

Riding bikes offers countless health benefits. Aside from the obvious physical benefits, like losing weight and building muscle, it can also improve your mental wellbeing. Biking releases endorphins into our brains, keeping our moods elevated. In fact, the YMCA says people who have active lifestyles have a 32% higher wellbeing score than those of inactive people. Not to mention the fact that biking improves immune health, reduces the risk of heart disease and cancer, and aides in better sleep.

cycling is healthy

Reliable transportation

The bicycle has provided reliable transportation for over 200 years, especially for individuals who can’t afford to drive motor vehicles. Let’s go ahead and acknowledge how much time you’ll be saving by avoiding the 15 stoplights on your way to work, and not having to deal with rush hour traffic on your way back home!


Don’t forget how much money you’ll be saving by not driving! With gas prices skyrocketing from the pipeline hack last month, it seems like we drain our bank accounts every time we need to fill up. Biking offers transportation at zero cost, besides the price of the bike itself. Make a one-time purchase and you’re set for years to come. Say goodbye to spending $75 at the pump every week! According to Forbes, bikers save $4.6 billion per year (yes, that’s billion with a “B”).

Saving the planet

Taking a bike is an excellent way to combat the climate crisis. Vetoing the car will save the planet from an assortment of fumes that are released into the atmosphere when we drive. Since bicycles rely solely on your body movement to operate, you won’t be adding to the harmful chemicals in the air when you’re biking. We can save the planet together!

Let’s get out there and get to pedaling! What’s your favorite thing about riding bikes? Let us know on social media @mobilestylesapp.


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