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6 Tips to Prepare for a Booking Surge After COVID-19

6 Tips to Prepare for a Booking Surge After COVID-19

You might think you’re ready, but when was the last time you checked your car’s oil levels or restocked your products? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered.

With millions of Americans becoming fully vaccinated, you will see an increase in health and beauty appointments. Here’s how to prepare!

We’re here to ensure you perform your best as you brace for all your future appointments on the MOBILESTYLES App!

Download an Organizational App (if needed)

If your time management skills are a little rusty after quarantine, don’t worry! There’s an app for that. For iOS users, Calendar works wonders, and the best part– it’s free. It’s excellent at syncing email attachments, addresses, appointments and even has capabilities for multiple email accounts. If you’re an Android user, Google Calendar comes preinstalled and works the same.

Block Off Important Dates

We all have those can’t-miss-doctor appointments, so make sure you block off any time you need for that. We suggest setting the dates you’re not going to be available as far as in advance as three months. Although it seems like that’s too far in advance, trust us–time flies! This will also make booking appointments easier because you’ll know how much you can or need to work.

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Car Maintenance

As a traveling health and beauty professional, your vehicle needs to be reliable. Make sure your car is in tip-top shape to avoid any mishaps during one of your appointments. Now would be a great time to check: oil levels, coolant levels, tire pressure, and more. Check out this checklist for more.

Restock on Health and Beauty Products

Like your car, your products also need to be of the best quality. If you weren’t that busy during quarantine and have questionable products, it’s time to replace them. Your clients expect the best. You have the skills and talent; all you need are the tools! Check out when it’s time to toss makeup and more.

Set Goals

As an independent contractor on the MOBILESTYLES App, you have free membership, the freedom to work when and wherever, and exclusive access to Clients. Some goals can include: reconnecting with previous MOBILESTYLES Clients, accepting new Clients, travel further, work later, and more.

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Update Your MOBILESTYLES App Profile

Once you’ve prepared your travel case of health and beauty products, schedule an appointment with one of our customer support agents for a brief session on how to successfully set your schedule, revise your service and prices, upload portfolio images, and more.

Safety is one of the top priorities at MOBILESTYLES. Before any appointment is booked, both the Client and PRO must complete and pass a COVID-19 questionnaire. Even though many Clients have been vaccinated, they still enjoy the comfort of a private appointment, so maintaining an open availability on the MOBILESTYLES App is no longer an option but the new norm!

We hope you’ve found these tips helpful. Remember to submit your before and after pictures for a chance to be featured on our latest social media series, Just Completed! Submit your images to our agents at (323) 897-1512.


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