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Health  Beauty Services Your Dad Needs

Health & Beauty Services Your Dad Needs

Fathers need pampering too. Check out these health and beauty services your dads need.

Mens’ health and beauty services are starting to surge.

With more and more men looking to take care of their physical appearances, more services have become available for them. Are you wanting to pamper your dad or find a unique Father’s Day gift?

Then, you need to check out these health and beauty services your dad needs!


A health and beauty service that every person should experience, including fathers, is a massage. There are loads of massages and treatments out there — hot rocks, Swedish massage, etc. Since the father in your life may do most of the heavy lifting, we recommend a deep muscle back massage to iron out all the kinks and knots in their back. Plus, we have a load of PROs in your area who have years of training and expertise in the masseuse field.

Manicure or Pedicure

When we say manicures and pedicures for men, we are not talking about getting fake nails or applying nail polish. We’re talking more about cuticles, nail beds, and overall nail care. Let’s be honest — our dad’s hands and feet can look pretty grueling after years of constant work. A fresh mani and pedi can give the dad in your life healthy and glowing nail beds, and who can say no to that? Just schedule an appointment with one of our nail artist PROs in your area.

man in black crew neck t-shirt cutting hair of man

Hair Grooming

Every dad needs a haircut or a trim at some point in the year. Whether he needs a trim or wants to switch up his look, we have a PRO that can help. Check out our app to see all the hairstylists and barbers that are in your area.


Do you have a hairy dad? Does he need bread grooming? Does he need to reduce the hair on his eyebrows, chest, or back? Then, look no further than our PROs’ waxing and threading services for men. You can take your very hairy dad and get him spiffed up just in time for Father’s Day. As a tip, you may want to warn him about how the waxing and threading process goes. Some men can’t handle the pain.

Health and beauty services are not just for women. Any man, including dads, can enjoy these services or treatments as well. For more information or to book an appointment with a PRO in your area, download the MOBILESTYLES app today.


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