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6 White Dresses Youll Want To Rock This Summer

6 White Dresses You'll Want To Rock This Summer

It’s a good thing Labor Day is in September, because we're wearing white all we can this summer! Check out these 6 white dresses you'll be obsessed with.


Wearing white any time of the year always seems to have this unwritten rule of it being strange.

When you see the color white, you think of weddings, or the fact that you know you’re apparently not allowed to wear it after Labor Day. Seriously, who came up with that rule?

However, wearing white in the summer actually has a few benefits to it other than the fact that it’s cute. One, it’s always breezier than wearing heavier colors and two, the light reflects off of it in a way that will make you look like an ethereal goddess. So here are a few dress styles we highly recommend you try!

1. Short Bodycon

If you’re more into the sexy style, a white bodycon dress hits that nail right on the head. This style of dress will hug every single one of your curves and the white color will contrast your skin tone so beautifully.

2. Long and Flowy

It’s summer, which means you probably just want to have something easy and breezy to wear. Wearing a long and flowy dress provides a much needed air flow while still appearing more modest than other dresses.

3. Spaghetti Strap

This is the season to show off those beautiful shoulders of yours! Life is too short to hide them under sleeves, especially when it’s 80 degrees out.

4. Peasant Style

If you’re a fan of the cottagecore aesthetic, a peasant dress would be perfect for you. These styles typically have some sort of bell sleeve or puffy/lacy design.

5. Off the Shoulder

Again, show off those shoulders whenever you can! You’ll get some much needed vitamin D, and look absolutely adorable in your new dress!

woman in white dress holding yellow flower

6. Midi Dress

When you don’t want to commit to a long maxi dress or a short bodycon dress, opt for a midi style. This is a dress that will basically land somewhere between your knee and ankle, giving you a bit of freedom in your legs and a bit more modesty if that’s what you prefer.

Summer is a great time to wear those outfits you have always been too uncomfortable to wear. It always seems like people choose not to wear white because they think they can’t pull it off, but trust us, you can. This season, take the risk! You won’t regret it.


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