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5 Best Monthly Subscription Boxes for Men

5 Best Monthly Subscription Boxes for Men

There are subscription boxes for everything you could possibly need these days.We're giving you the rundown on subscription boxes every man should get!

While it’s not true that every guy hates shopping, most men can think of ten other things they’d rather be doing than buying a pair of dress slacks. And, because plenty of men really wish there was a better alternative to browsing through 20 pages of online shopping results, subscription boxes aim to offer it. These monthly services and product boxes are successfully delivering most-wanted essentials to men everywhere.

Getting the best products, like a great wardrobe staple or the best shave cream on the market, without doing the research and legwork is pretty exciting. So, which subscription boxes for men are we most excited about? Here are the top five.


1. Trunk Club

5 Best Monthly Subscription Boxes for Men - Trunk Club


Newly acquired by Nordstrom, this men’s monthly styling service is at the very top of the wardrobe world. Premium clothing, great styling advice, budget-conscious selections, and workhorse pieces are all included in the service. Average item price is around $160, so this service is for those dedicated to looking good.

2. Unzipped Citizen

5 Best Monthly Subscription Boxes for Men - Unzipped Citizen

Get underwear that fit and feel as amazing as they look PLUS fun socks that really add that extra touch. Unzipped Citizen is all about starting with a solid foundation of prime underpinnings. Why guys love this one: there’s no reason to even think about restocking that sock and underwear drawer…like ever.

3. ShaveMob

5 Best Monthly Subscription Boxes for Men - ShaveMob

If you’re a close shave kinda guy, Shave Mob is essential. The subscription to these quality razors keeps you well-stocked with 3-6 blade razors. Keep ‘em on order and avoid any added errands to the drug or grocery store.

4. MeUndies

5 Best Monthly Subscription Boxes for Men - MeUndies

Comfort and convenience are high priorities. Some of the most comfortable undies in the world are now available monthly. MeUndies gives men the opportunity to select basic styles (that are also incredibly wearable) and keep them on order. The only risk with this subscription box is that you may stop doing your laundry—a constant stream of comfy boxers or briefs waiting in your mailbox every 3-4 weeks is a dangerous (and amazing) thing.

5. Fashion Stork

5 Best Monthly Subscription Boxes for Men - Fashion Stork

For $75 a month, you’ll never have to buy another piece of clothing again. And, the best part is that Fashion Stork knows your style. This styling service is #5 on our list because we saved the best for last. Affordable and incredibly on-point outfits, jackets, perfect-fit denim and much more from your most-trusted brands are what Fashion Stork is all about.

Didn’t see the right box for you? There are plenty more subscription boxes out there, so it might just be time to dive wallet-first into this work-free online shopping world.


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