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TREND ALERT How To Style a Summer Scarf

TREND ALERT: How To Style a Summer Scarf

Whether you want to wear your summer scarf as a top, head wrap, or skirt, we’ve got you covered with the best summer scarf styling tips and tricks!

Styling tips for the hottest trend of the summer!

Check out all of our best summer scarf styling tips below!

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Summer Scarf Head Wrap

One of the cutest ways to wear a summer scarf is on your head! The scarf will protect your scalp from the sun and keep you cool, while also looking super stylish. Simply fold your scarf into a triangle, and tie the scarf around your head with the long edge at the top of your head and the triangle toward the back.

Summer Scarf Crop Top (tied at the front)

Turning your summer scarf into a crop top is one of our favorite ways to style the trend. Fold your scarf in half to form a triangle, and put it behind your back. Take the two sides and tie them together over your chest. (Make sure this knot is very secure before going out!)

Summer Scarf Crop Top (tied at the back)

Similar to the instructions above, repeat the same steps but twist the knot to the back so the triangle is at the front. This creates a super cute, early 2000s vibe.

Summer Scarf Hair Tie

This tip works especially well for smaller scarves. Simply put your hair into a ponytail, bun, half up/half down style, and secure with an elastic. Wrap the scarf around the elastic and tie it together. This styling tip makes everything look super feminine and delicate!

Summer Scarf Wrap Skirt

If your summer scarf is on the larger side, this tip would work perfectly as a skirt to wear out! If it’s on the smaller side it will work best as a swimsuit cover up. Simply fold the scarf in half into a triangle shape. Wrap the scarf around your body and tie the two sides together at the side of your body, creating a high-low look from one side to the other.

Summer Scarf Purse Accessory

Tie your summer scarf onto the strap of your favorite purse to accessorize and spice up your look!

Let us know how you’ll be stylizing your scarf this summer! Tag @mobilestylesapp on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


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