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Have You Heard Why Everyone Is Obsessing Over Chlorophyll

Have You Heard Why Everyone Is Obsessing Over Chlorophyll?

Chlorophyll is the latest health trend popping up on my explore page, and for good reason.

It can improve your overall health, and who doesn’t want that — especially, after getting through a global pandemic?

The benefits seem endless! Here is why you need to introduce Chlorophyll to your wellness routine now.

So What Exactly is Chlorophyll?

half empty drinking glass beside bottle

In simple terms, Chlorophyll is a green-pigmented component located in the plant’s chloroplast (the plant cell) that allows the plant to absorb the energy it needs to build tissue. It does so by absorbing the light from the sun before splitting off into two energy-storing molecules to then be converted to carbon dioxide and glucose. When the glucose is combined with the nutrients in the soil, new leaves grow and more oxygen is produced. It plays a crucial role in the photosynthesis process!

Benefits of Chlorophyll

Taking chlorophyll for improved health is fairly new, so a lot of the claims are still being researched. However, claims from Medical News Today point to the following benefits.

-Improved Gut Health: Chlorophyll has antimicrobial properties which can assist in halting the overgrowth of bad bacteria and help nourish the good bacteria in your gut.

-Anti-Aging: Chlorophyll can help with photoaging from sun exposure. In doing so, it protects from the signs of weathered skin and can help reduce facial acne and large visible pores.

-Improving Overall Health: Chlorophyll is chemically similar to hemoglobin, a protein that is essential in red blood cells, as it carries oxygen around a person’s body. Due to this, it has been shown to help with anemia.

-Odor Control: Chlorophyll is said to have odor-reducing capabilities, which is why you will find the ingredient in deodorant and toothpaste. So if you find yourself a bit stinky this summer, give chlorophyll a try!

-Improved Acne: In multiple studies, chlorophyll has been shown to help moderate to severe acne in just three weeks.

How Do You Take Chlorophyll?

Sold on all the benefits of chlorophyll? Here are all the ways you can ingest it!

-Eat More Veggies: You can naturally find chlorophyll in greens such as broccoli, spinach, peas, cabbage, and asparagus!

-Drink It: Chlorophyll can easily be found in a wheatgrass shot, but you can also find liquid chlorophyll at your local vitamin shop.

-Supplements: Rather just take a pill and be done with it? Same here. Luckily, you can find chlorophyll pills at any vitamin shop as well.

Let us know how chlorophyll has changed the game for you! Tag @mobilestylesapp on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


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