There are so many benefits when it comes to purchasing and consuming fruits and vegetables that are in season.

Keep reading for our guide to seasonal fruits and veggies this summer!

The Benefits of Eating In-Season Fruits and Vegetables

It’s better for the planet

When you’re eating local in-season fruit and vegetables, you’re reducing all of the pollution and environmental damage that’s caused from the farming and transportation industry. The less your food has to travel to get on your tables, the better! Choosing local and in-season produce is better for the planet.

It’s better for our bodies

When you’re not purchasing local and in-season fruits and vegetables, your produce has to travel (sometimes across the world). In order to keep your produce fresh, pesticides are used to preserve and make the goods last longer. When you eat produce that has been preserved with pesticides, you ingest some of those chemicals, which can’t be great for our bodies. In the United States, 1 billion pounds of pesticides are used each year to preserve the food that we eat. Our bodies are naturally meant to consume local and in-season produce so that we can effectively reap all of the health benefits from the nutrients they contain!

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It tastes better

In-season local produce is picked at it’s prime, meaning that it looks and tastes better than it would if it were grown somewhere else and had to take a few days to arrive at your local grocery store. Who doesn’t want better tasting food?

It connects us to the earth

Consuming locally grown foods connects us to the earth and to the community in a deeper capacity. When we think more about where we’re purchasing and how we’re consuming, it can only increase the depth and connection we have to our food.

The Best Summer Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables

Apricots, zucchini, watermelon, corn, cucumbers, green beans, peaches, peppers, lettuce, mangoes, plums, strawberries, raspberries, summer squash, acorn squash, cantaloupe, kiwi, cherries, rhubarb, asparagus, and so much more!

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