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How To Find The Best Flattering Lipstick For Your Skintone

How To Find The Best Flattering Lipstick For Your Skintone

Instead of purchasing countless lipsticks to try on at home, we’ve got the perfect way to find the most flattering lipstick for your skin tone!

The recipe for the perfect lipstick is easier than you think!

In these two easy steps, you’ll find the right lipstick to compliment your complexion!


Step 1: Determine your undertone

The most important step to finding the perfect lipstick is actually determining what your skin’s undertone is. Undertones are split into three categories: warm, cool, and neutral.

To determine your skin’s undertone, look at the veins on the inside of your wrist: if they appear green, you have warm skin; if your veins appear blue or purple, you have cool-toned skin; if your veins appear to be a mixture of both green and blue, your skin is neutral.

Another trick to determining your undertones is through the jewelry you wear. Do you look best in gold, silver, or both? If you look best in gold, you have warm undertones. If you look better in silver, you have cool undertones. If you look great in both (lucky you), you have neutral undertones!


Step 2: Choose a lipstick shade that aligns with your undertone

In every range of lip products, there’s always a shade spectrum with multiple colors and undertones. When looking at a lip product, you’ll need to determine whether it’s warm, cool, or neutral.

If you’re shopping online, look for keywords in color names and descriptions that will give you clues as to the undertone of the product. Words like: warm, peach, orange, brick, or coral all indicate that the lipstick has warm undertones that will flatter warm-toned skin best!

Words like: plum, mauve, cool, or dusty indicate a cool-toned shade. If you’re able to swatch products in person, you’ll be able to easily see which products pull more warm tones, and which look more cool when swatching different shades together.

While learning the ins and outs of undertones might seem overwhelming at first, we have no doubt you’ll master these tips and tricks so you'll never purchase the wrong lip shade again!

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