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Stop Believing These Silly Skin Care Myths Please

Stop Believing These Silly Skin Care Myths Please

We all want clear, vibrant skin, and a solid skincare routine can help that.

If you’re into skincare, it can be overwhelming trying to keep up with the latest trends, tricks, and products.

Personally, I know that it can get confusing on what exactly is credible in regard to skincare advice. There are tons of skincare myths that often get misconstrued for facts.

After researching various advice from dermatologists, here are some silly skincare myths you should stop believing ASAP!

MYTH #1: Pores decrease in size with cold water.

Sadly, this one is false. Pores don’t get smaller with cold water or with other products. Your pores can get enlarged when clogged with dirt, oil, dead skin, and other debris. However, when they’re no longer swollen and clogged they will go back to normal size, and this can make them appear smaller.

MYTH #2: You don’t need sunblock when it’s cloudy/foggy.

When the sun isn’t out, many people think you don’t have to wear sunblock, but this is false! You need to wear sunscreen when it’s cold, foggy, cloudy, and sunny. Basically the only time you don’t need to wear sunscreen is when it’s nighttime. UV rays are always present in the day, so it’s vital to wear sunblock to protect your skin.


MYTH #3: If your moisturizer tingles or burns, that means it’s working.

This is a huge myth and is FALSE! Your skin should not burn or be uncomfortable from your moisturizer. If you experience discomfort, that’s a sign that you should change the product.

MYTH #4: Drinking more water makes your skin look better.

This false myth is so common and sadly it’s not true. Although drinking a good amount of water is important for your overall health, there's actually no scientific evidence that drinking more water goes straight to your skin or that it can improve your skin hydration. In fact, you will probably just pee the excess water out the next time you use the restroom.

What beauty myths did you grow up believing? Tag us @mobilestylesapp on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


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