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The 4 Best Wines You Should Drink in the Summer

The 4 Best Wines You Should Drink in the Summer!

Who doesn’t love a refreshing glass of wine for summer? I know I do, but which type of wine is the best to drink during those bright summer days?

There are endless options when it comes to wine — reds, whites, rosés — it all can get overwhelming. As the temperatures climb, it’s time to figure out the best wine for summer.

Introduction: If I were to describe the perfect summer day, it would involve good company and even better wine. During these hot summer days, we’re looking for a refreshing wine that will quench our thirst and offer a cool, chill to our glass. Typically, a red — like Pinot Noir or a nice Cab — won’t do the trick during these hot summer days. So, what are the best wines for summer?

Try these 4 wines that were crafted to enjoy in the summertime!

Rose Wine

Rose is my favorite type of wine to drink in general — it’s the perfect wine to drink during a hot day. It’s usually served chilled, and it features a crisp, fruity undertone.

Sparkling Wine

When in doubt, sparkling wine is the perfect wine for summer. Make sure you chill it well before serving. A good sparkler will reward you with tiny bubbles zipping to the top of your glass, delightful fizziness, and icy, fruity flavors. I love to drink this wine with my friends while snacking on a charcuterie board.

rose wine

Sauvignon Blanc

Acidic, yet soft. Creamy, bold, and a bit spicy. Sauvignon Blanc is another great wine for summertime. Also served chilled, the Sauvignon Blanc is a great option to drink during a pool party or barbeque!

Pinot Grigio

Another crisp, bright, and acidic option to keep cool is Pinot Grigio. Look for notes of tart apple, zesty lemon, and lime. Pinot Grigio is another one of my favorites to drink — it’s super refreshing!

There are just 4 of my favorite wines for summer, but there are endless options to choose from. What are your summer wine go-tos? Let us know @mobilestylesapp on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter!



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