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Vegan Beauty Benefits You Can Expect

Vegan Beauty Benefits You Can Expect

There are many benefits to becoming vegan. These are the vegan beauty benefits to expect when making this lifestyle change!

Becoming vegan isn’t only better for the animals, the environment, and overall health — there are some major vegan beauty benefits, as well!

Did you know that there are major vegan beauty benefits to the vegan lifestyle too?


Keep reading to learn more about the beauty benefits of a vegan diet!

Improve skin health and give a glowy boost

One of the main contributors to acne and skin issues is consuming dairy. A vegan diet not only eliminates the consumption of dairy, but it also increases the consumption of other foods that are high in vitamins to boost your skin. Vitamin A is a big key when it comes to achieving healthy looking skin, and lots of vegetables contain large amounts of this essential vitamin!

Decrease swelling and under-eye bags

Vegan diets are typically anti-inflammatory by nature. When we’re consuming foods with ingredients that contain high levels of anti-inflammatories, we’re allowing our body to function properly. When we consume anti-inflammatories, our system is able to rid the body of swelling and sodium retention. This helps with bloating, facial swelling, and under-eye bags.


Improve nail and hair health

Vegan diets are typically focused on consuming whole, healthy foods. In vegan diets, there’s an emphasis to consume the right amount of protein, fats, and carbohydrates. When we’re properly taking care of our bodies by consuming the right amount of nutrients, those nutrients can do their job and keep us healthy. A big component to nail and hair health is consuming enough healthy fats (Omega 3s). Vegan diets are often full of nuts, seeds, avocados, and oils that help us grow healthy nails and hair.

Increase overall happiness

The saying, “Happy people are the prettiest,” couldn’t be more true. When we’re happy, those great feelings translate from the inside out and actually makes us look better! The nutrients from a vegan diet have been shown to boost mood and decrease symptoms of depression.

Would you ever go vegan? We might try it out solely for the vegan beauty benefits! Let us know which of these reasons to go vegan is your favorite by tagging @mobilestylesapp on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


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