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Your Wardrobe Needs These Clothing Essentials for Men

Your Wardrobe Needs These Clothing Essentials for Men

Struggling to find the perfect outfit? Here are the clothing essentials for men!

Buying some clothing essentials for men can turn your closet from a nightmare into a daydream!

Here are some of our top options.

Sorting out your closet and wardrobe can be a daunting task. With these clothing essentials for men, you’ll have a seamless closet in no time!

The shoes make the man

Every outfit starts with the shoes! Depending on the choice, you can dress an outfit down or up.

You'll only need four essential pair of shoes to have endless options.

● White-low top sneakers

● Leather work boots

● Dress Shoes

● Athletic Sneakers

The bottoms

For some guys, buying pants is a no-brainer. They go to the mall, buy their size, and head home. But, when buying the essentials, there are some pairs you should consider!

Making the jump to a pair of chinos is a significant first step. Try buying pairs in gray, navy, and olive.

When it comes to jeans, try and lean toward a darker wash. Combined with the chinos, this will give you a full-color spectrum.

Make sure your bottoms aren't too baggy or tight!

Tops, tops, tops

tops tops

You only need a few types of shirts to streamline your closet.

● Short-Sleeve Tee

● Long-Sleeve Henley

● Cloth Button Down

Keep these shirts simple!

Go for colors in white, black, navy, light blue, or gray. These colors go great with the shoe essentials and the bottom essentials.

If you start fleshing out your closet with these clothing essentials for men, you'll have a wardrobe to take on any occasion! Start slow and pick up some items here and there. Soon enough, you’ll have a cohesive closet!

What are your clothing essentials? Please shoot us a picture of your favorite pieces on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter @mobilestylesapp today!


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