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How To Overcome Anxiety And Talk To Your Crush

How To Overcome Anxiety And Talk To Your Crush!

Shaky hands? Cold feet? Don’t worry, here’s how to talk to your crush!

Talking to your crush can be scary, but don't worry — you can overcome it.

After spending all of 2020 cooped up in our houses, we’re all dying for a little bit (or a lot) of human connection. Be brave in 2021 and talk to your crush!

Here are the best ways to face your fears and approach who you like!

The 3-second rule

I know you've heard of the five-second rule, but have you heard of the three-second rule? When you see your crush or someone you like, give yourself three seconds to approach them and start a conversation.

These three seconds make sure you don't start to overthink and worry. One way we can get anxious is by waiting too long. When we wait too long, we can overthink or decide it's the wrong time. The time is now, so act fast!

practice communication

Practice, practice, practice

We all know practice makes perfect, right? The same thing is true for talking to people — even your crush! If you're planning to ask somebody out, practice!

The best way to practice is by talking to other people, but they don’t have to necessarily be people you're interested in. Getting your social juices flowing before talking to your crush will help you be less stiff and more free-flowing.

If you plan to talk to your crush at the end of the day, spark conversations with people throughout the day. These people can be friends, coworkers, or even strangers. You can also build up your social prowess throughout the week. Make it a challenge and talk to as many people as you can. This will ensure you're in the right social mood when approaching your crush!

Be honest

You don't want to become a salesperson when talking to someone you like. To avoid this, just be honest!

Let your crush know what you like about them. Let them know your intentions. Be straightforward and honest, but not pushy. There's a delicate balance here, and with practice, it will come naturally.

Build confidence

We'll be the first to tell you you're great and good enough as is. When talking to your crush, though, you might think you lack the necessary confidence. Don't worry — you can build your confidence!

Just like improving your people skills by practicing, confidence is much the same. If you lack confidence in a particular area, start working on it! Taking the time to improve yourself is not only good for you, but everyone else. Your crush will admire you and find you more attractive for taking the initiative!

be honest and tolerant

Forget about rejection

Talking to your crush can be scary. You might think of all the things that could go wrong. The truth is, one of the worst possible scenarios is you don't talk to your crush!

Living with the regret of not taking the initiative is much worse than facing rejection. The rejection might sting, but you'll be able to move on. Another way to look at this is you're one "no" closer to a "yes."

And if they did say no, is it all that bad? Sure, it may feel like your world is ending, but we checked, and the sky isn't falling! Unless a rejection causes a massive world-ending earthquake, it's not the worst-case scenario.

Start small

Remember, you don't have to leap into the deep end on your first day. You can always start small and feel out the waters.

Try waving to them, asking them for directions, or what they're having for lunch. Make sure to keep practicing and putting yourself out there! Leave your comfort zone one step, or even one toe at a time.

These are just some of the few tips you can use to talk to your crush. Don’t overthink it and act fast! Remember to practice and build up your confidence. You got this!

That's just some of our advice for talking to your crush! Let us know your best crush stories on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter @mobilestylesapp!


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