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How To Turn Your Room Into A Beauty Island

How To Turn Your Room Into A Beauty Island

Want to get the most comfort out of your room? This guide will turn your space into a beauty island!

Have you ever thought about how to turn your room into a beauty island?

Read on for the best tips!

Turning your room into a beauty island is one of the best things you can do for yourself this year. Taking the time to decorate and personalize your space will flex your creative muscles and truly make the space yours!

Separate work and sleep

If you can avoid it, stop working in your room! Whether it's homework or a job, working in your room can dampen the space.

To make your room a sanctuary, you need to be able to fall asleep and rest at ease. If you do all your work in it, it will become more of an office and less of a rest zone. Try working in another room or taking frequent breaks to keep your space intentional.

clean room

Tidy up

Keeping your space clean and organized is a surefire way to brighten it up. Cleaning your room will remove chaos from your area and head!

Organize loose papers and make sure everything in your room has a place. Maybe even create a 15-minute routine each day to tidy up your space and keep it organized.

Personal reminders

Having personal reminders and sentimental objects will create a lovely space! Your personal sanctuary should be a reflection of you, your values, and your personality.

You can try hanging up a vision board of all your goals to remind you to keep your eye on the prize. Or you could hang up photos of loved ones to remind you of all the great memories you have. Either way, think of the mood you want to create and decorate your room accordingly.

natural flowers green nature

Add a bit of nature

To really brighten up your space and create a sanctuary, try adding in some nature! Houseplants have many different benefits like reducing stress and anxiety, and they can improve air quality!

Consider your senses

When decorating your room to become a sanctuary, keep your senses in mind!

If you like a more quiet and relaxing space, remove excess screens and sounds. On the flip side, if you want to feel more energized, get a sound system!

Don't forget the textures you like either. If you want big, soft, cozy blankets and sheets, go for it!

Try using candles and incense to really set the mood and create a vibe. You can turn your room into the perfect retreat with smell alone! Just make sure the scent is calming and doesn't give you a headache.

Focus on the visuals, as well. If you have a piece of furniture that sticks out like a sore thumb, replace it with something more visually appealing. Use the colors you like and decorate your room accordingly. You can use things like art, wallpaper, and paint to really express yourself.

woman sitting in front of mirror

Remember It's Your Room!

Always remember that it's your space! Decorate your room however you see fit. What might be uncomfortable for others could be perfectly comfortable for you!

If you like dark atmospheric colors, go with that. If you want bright pastels, that's fine too!

Part of self-care is figuring out what works for you. Explore different options and variations to create the perfect beauty island!

Now you're ready to create a beauty island! Send us your pictures on Instagram @mobilestylesapp!


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