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5 Ways to Get Curls Without Heat in 2 Minutes

5 Ways to Get Curls Without Heat in 2 Minutes

Try a new confident look that won’t damage your hair! These five ways to get curls without heat take only two minutes and some basic hair accessories.

If you plan to get curls more than once a week, it is best to opt for natural, heatless methods. Using irons and wands will damage your hair over time and turn your head to straw if you are not careful. No worries (or work)! Curling your hair overnight is as easy as twisting your hair, securing it in place, and unleashing your fully-formed curls in the morning.

It only takes a few accessories you probably have stashed at home, and two minutes of preparation to get the curls of your dreams.

Swish your curls with confidence all day long with these five ways to get curls without heat in two minutes.

1. Tie your hair up in a bun

This is as simple as it gets. Twist your hair at the top of your head to form a loose bun. Secure it with bobby pins on all four sides and lie down for your beauty sleep. When you let your hair down in the morning, comb through your gorgeous waves with your fingers to smooth down any stray hairs.

2. Roll your hair with clean socks

You might closely resemble your grandma at first with this technique, but you won’t need to spend time setting 100 rollers. With a little practice, you’ll go to sleep with a neat hair updo. Split your hair into two equal sections, then roll up the sock, beginning at the ends of your hair. When you reach the base of your head, secure the roll with bobby pins. Repeat on the other side and you’re done! The sock technique is perfect for curling short hair overnight.

3. Try different braids

Have fun experimenting with a different braid each night, until you find your favorite style. You can try the twist braid for beach waves, the three-strand braid for vintage waves, the four-strand braid for tight curls, and so on. Start with one big braid if you are in a rush, or tie multiple braids for a more intricate look. Overnight braids are a favorite for long hair.


4. Use a headband/scarf

Did you ever wonder how to look like a queen in your sleep? Slip a headband over the top of your hair, keeping the front over your forehead. Divide your hair into two equal sections. Twist one strand over the headband on one side, and continue adding strands until you reach the back of your head. Do the same on the other side, and secure any stray hairs with bobby pins. If you are using a scarf, you can twist the strands in the same direction as the headband, and wrap each side around the top of your head at the end.

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5. Equip yourself with Flexi Rods

If bobby pins and home accessories are not for you, Flexi Rods might just be the perfect tool for your curls. All you do is divide your hair in as many sections as you want, and twist each section around a rod. Bend both ends after rolling and you’re set. Start with two rods for big waves. The more rods, the tighter the curls. Flexi Rods come in different sizes to match your desired look. They make the prettiest spiral curls!

Tips for perfect curls every time

  • Brush your head thoroughly with a bamboo brush or a wooden brush to avoid frizz.
  • For curls that hold all day long, dampen your hair slightly before rolling or twisting.
  • Rub your hands with a few drops of almond or jojoba oil and comb through your hair for glowing curls.
  • Do NOT brush your hair in the morning — it will cause a frizzy mess. Gently smooth your hair with your fingers to keep the shape of your curls.
  • Place a silk cap over your curls when you go to sleep. It will keep your curls in place and prevent frizz, as well.

There you have it. Twist your hair, secure it while you sleep, and unleash your inner diva in the morning. Run your fingers through your hair on your way out the door to get curls that say, “I’m ready to shine!”

What is your favorite heatless curling technique? Do you have a favorite look? Tag @mobilestylesapp on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to show us!


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