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Cheap Date Ideas for Under 597 That Will Keep The Sparks Flying

Cheap Date Ideas for Under $5.97 That Will Keep The Sparks Flying

Cheap Date Ideas to Keep the Sparks Flying

We’ve come up with 12 cheap date ideas for the two of you to have fun — without stressing about empty pockets.

Whether you just met an enchanting someone, have been married forever, or are looking forward to forever, these cheap dates for all times of the year will keep the sparks flying.

For under $5.97, connect with your special someone on these fun adventures.

Improvise a picnic

Feed the wildlife at the park, watch the sunset, gaze at the stars, admire the city lights — all while leaning against your crush on a blanket. Is the weather too hot or too rainy? Lay the blanket inside your home and adorn it with Christmas lights for a cozy setting.

romantic date

Head to the local library sale

You will find books for as little as 10 cents! Imagine walking through the book aisles hand-in-hand, finding all sorts of book treasures. How many kisses can you steal behind the silent hardcovers?

Have a bubble night

Sometimes you are too tired to think of going out after a long day at work. Use this as bonding, quiet time together with a bubble bath, sparkling wine, and music to match the mood.

Bake cookies for movie time

Simply watching a movie can become ordinary. Sweeten up the cuddling by baking your favorite cookies together first!

Sign up for a free class in your community

A free email subscription to FeverUp or EventBrite will keep you posted on upcoming events. Some of the cooking classes, art classes, or dancing classes they advertise are free. Who knows what else you will find?

Do a couple’s workout

Many parks offer free yoga classes on the weekends. You could also find a safe sequence you like on YouTube and practice together. You both get a kiss-treat for every ab crunch!

men running

Enjoy dessert

It’s delightfully sweet to talk over ice-cream or cake. You’ll learn as much about the other person as you would over a $150 dinner. And you can walk around town while doing so!

Visit a coffeehouse that plays live music

Add great music to a good bite and you have yourselves a fantastic date. You might even make new friends in this social setting.

Paint together at home

Looking for an excuse to go to their house for the first time? Even if you just can’t think of anything else to do on a Sunday, a small canvas will bring you closer. You can purchase all the supplies from the dollar store. Pair with a bottle of wine and sliced cheese to complete the evening.

Attend a free karaoke night

Feeling daring? Many restaurants and bars host karaoke nights once a week. Careful! You might fall irremediably in love over a duet . . .

Visit an art gallery

See the new art trends, sometimes for free! This is yet another way to discover your partner’s passions and ideals. It will expand your perspectives about each other.

Join a potluck

This date tends to be accompanied by a lecture on your favorite subjects. Do you like learning about plants, wildlife, or business? Try joining a local group that meets for potlucks in your area.

youth gathering

A cheap date is as satisfying as an extravagant date when you two are laughing like lovebirds. Don’t let money dictate your love life — dating is about connecting with someone special. When they look back to that day, they will remember how wonderful they felt with you, not how much your time together cost.

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