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Unique BFF Stuff Your CEO Buddy Will Truly Appreciate

Unique BFF Stuff Your CEO Buddy Will Truly Appreciate

Ditch the thermal mug. Show your CEO buddy that you really care for them with the BFF stuff we’ve compiled for you.

Halt that thermal mug thought. Show that you really care for them with any of the BFF stuff we’ve compiled for you.

They’ll never know it took you only 10 minutes to pick their gift, wrap it up, and pat yourself in the back.

No dreading a half-hearted “thank you.” No wasted gift. You’ll smile to yourself as your CEO buddy opens the BFF stuff you know they will want to use right away. Scratch your first item off the list and save the rest for later — there’s plenty to pick from below!

The healthy executive box

Your CEO BFF probably has old executive box gifts abandoned on a desk. Yours will stand out because they’ll actually feel good about indulging this one. The options are unlimited: paleo snacks, vegan desserts, floral fruit baskets, rare chocolates. Bonus points if you include a wine bottle with a customized label!

Personalized cutting board basket

Order a personalized cutting board with their name or initials on it. CEOs get too busy to get a few home essentials sometimes. A nice touch would be the three basic kitchen knives, or assorted cheeses and deli. Tie a big ribbon around it and prepare for a big hug.

A bonsai tree

Have you noticed the stress-relieving effects of admiring a bonsai? Help your CEO BFF decompress with one of their own. You can even find them on Amazon these days. That’s how you know it will be a sturdy, easy-to-maintain sight!

Coffee/tea subscription

Bustling will turn anyone into a heavy caffeine drinker. You could be the one to up their game with a coffee or tea subscription. Many online companies offer premium selections and they handle everything for you.

woman notebook

A PRO massage gift certificate

We saved the best for last! Who would smile down politely at the offer of pure bliss? Give them a massage certificate from your favorite masseuse. Don’t have one? Book a PRO on the MOBILESTYLES App within minutes. You’ll find even more gift ideas for your CEO BFF to love, such as manicures and hair styling services.

Gifting BFF stuff to your CEO buddy is an ideal opportunity to show how much you care. Save this list to keep from biting your nails off the next time you need to pick something unique. We guarantee they will cherish your gift for a long time!

What gifts would you cherish the most? Help us grow our list of ideas by tagging @mobilestylesapp on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!



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