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4 Face Sculpting Techniques You Can Do Everyday

4 Face Sculpting Techniques You Can Do Everyday

Face sculpting and manipulating is all the rage! Here are techniques you can do every day to make sure your face is sculpted exactly the way you want it.

Did you know there are face sculpting techniques you can do every day to lift, tone, and sculpt your face?

With the growing popularity of gua sha, jade rollers, ice rollers, face yoga, and other facial manipulation tools and techniques, it’s only fitting that MOBILESTYLES created a guide for face sculpting techniques to do every day from home to lift, tone, and sculpt your face.

face sculpting

Keep reading to learn all of our best tips and tricks for face sculpting.

Smooth your forehead

Humans hold a lot of stress and tension in our faces — we’re constantly squinting and furrowing our brows. To reduce forehead wrinkles, you need to do the opposite of squinting and furrowing. Open your eyes as wide as possible until your eyes start watering and it becomes uncomfortable, then relax your face. This movement resets the muscles around your eyes and forehead. Do this daily (especially in times when you notice facial tension).

Get rid of tight neck

One of the first places your body shows signs of aging is the neck (especially because we spend so much time staring down at our phones and computers). To firm your neck and sculpt your chin/jaw, tilt your head upward toward the ceiling and put the tip of your tongue on the roof of your mouth while smiling. You’ll feel tension under your chin. Hold this position until you get tired.

Sculpted cheekbones

This is a great face sculpting tip to incorporate into your teeth brushing routine. Buccal face massages are great to sculpt the cheekbones. As weird as it might seem, we promise the results are worth it: put your thumb in your mouth and use your index finger and thumb to massage your smile lines from inside your mouth and outside your mouth. This will help sculpt your face and reduce smile lines.

A little bit of everything

The easiest and most effective way to add face sculpting into your daily routine is by using a tool. We recommend facial cupping, gua sha, ice rollers and jade rollers! These target all areas of the skin and make the process fool-proof and simple.

As you can see, face sculpting is easy to do at home and can be done everyday to achieve results!

Have you ever done these face sculpting techniques? Which will you incorporate into your self-care routine? Let us know by tagging @mobilestylesapp on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


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