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The 5 Best Anime For Beginners

The 5 Best Anime For Beginners

Trying to get into the genre? These are the 5 best anime for beginners!

Don't worry; there are some great animes for beginners!

Check out our top five list below!

Dipping your toes into any genre can be difficult. But when it comes to anime for beginners, you may have an even harder time with all the different shows!

My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia has snowballed in popularity over the years. It follows the teenager, Midoriya, who lives in a society of heroes and villains. Midoriya wants to become a hero at any cost but doesn't have a superpower. Despite all that, he tries anyway.

This story has basically become the anime version of the Marvel franchise. It's become a staple series and is a great place to start! It has a charming cast of characters and exciting action scenes.

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Death Note

If you're looking for something more dark and mature, Death Note will be a great place to start. It follows Light Yagami, a young man who finds a notebook that allows him to control anyone's fate.

The appeal of Death Note is the sheer genius of the characters and situations. The main characters are all brilliant, which creates a series of exciting twists and turns.

Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood

This is another excellent action series to get you into the genre as a whole. Brotherhood follows two brothers who have lost different parts of their bodies, replaced with metal. They set off on a quest to get their bodies back and learn the truth.

The series is excellent because it's approachable yet deep. There's a lot of depth in this show, but it's presented in a way that anyone can understand and relate to.

Cowboy Bebop

If you want to start your anime adventure with the classics, a great beginning is Cowboy Bebop. It's an iconic story that has stood the test of time.

Cowboy Bebop follows the bounty hunter Spike, and is essentially a sci-fi/western. The animation is beautiful, and the storyline will stick with you for years!

Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day

Although it looks lighthearted, Anohana is incredibly sad and full of meaning. If you're looking for a tearjerker, check this out!

It follows a group of childhood friends dealing with the loss of their friend Menma. The story is emotional and dramatic but incredibly uplifting.

These are some of the best animes for beginners! Dip your toes into the genre and experience something new. Try out an action series, a comedy series, or even a romance.

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