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Stunning Deacutecor Ideas for a Rustic Fall Wedding

Stunning Décor Ideas for a Rustic Fall Wedding

Color your rustic fall wedding with the hues of autumn and MOBILESTYLES App’s stunning decor ideas.

The air is crisp as apples — perfect for a gorgeous, rustic fall wedding in a cozy barn, a shimmering lake, or a serene cottage with a mountain view.

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming. There are SO many decisions to make! Even once you’ve narrowed down your theme, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got your essentials covered for your rustic fall wedding. We’ve made it easy as pie for you. Indulge! The list below includes the essential decor elements for your big day. When you walk down the aisle into the arms of the one you love, you’ll know that the decor around you is perfect.

Color your celebration of love with the hues of autumn, and incorporate these stunning decor ideas into your wedding!

Aisle Decor

Let’s hit replay. We know you’ve envisioned this moment over and over again! What do you see before the smiling faces on each side of the aisle? A continuous strip of baby’s breath? Delicate vases full of tiny, seasonal flowers? Sprigs of lavender and rosemary cheering you on from rustic planters?


Are the surroundings so breathtaking that all you need are some scattered petals and log columns?

For a rustic fall wedding, keep the aisle decor simple with delicate flowers and aged wood. This way, all the attention will be on you and your beloved starting a new journey together.

Rustic wedding


Ceremony Arch

What will you stand beneath when you say “I do”?

Opt for a flower arch with sheer curtains for an ethereal atmosphere.

Alternatively, capture one of life’s most romantic moments beside a geometrical wooden frame. A flower arrangement in a corner will add splendor to the close up photo!


wedding table

Dessert table

A wall of foliage and hanging lights will give your guests something to think about besides the cake . . . and about how lovely you look, of course!

Use a variety of plate heights for the dessert table to fill the spaces, while enticing your guests’ palates.

wedding cake

Photo Booth

What's the point of throwing a wedding party if you don’t get spectacular photos out of it? Not every venue has an ideal background, or a plan B if the wind starts blowing outside.

Besides, it’s so much fun to pose with a backdrop that matches your wedding theme. Candles, lights, and flowers make wonderful additions to spruce up your photos. Not to mention, your guests will be delighted to take their own photos while you’re busy mingling and circling the room.

wedding photo

Table Centerpieces

Mix and match to your heart’s content! Create contrast within your rustic fall wedding theme by placing wood and polished metals together. When you finally get a bite of food, admire a foliage centerpiece that runs down the length of the table. Use cream-colored flowers, rosy tones, or dark brown leaves for a harmonious theme.


wedding table

A rustic fall wedding has all the heartwarming elements for a cozy celebration. It lends a matching theme for the golden years to come. Mix and match the ideas from this post to cover the essentials on your big day. Cheers to your stunning wedding decor!

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