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The 6 Amazing Benefits Of Human Probiotics

The 6 Amazing Benefits Of Human Probiotics!

In case no one told you, you should be taking human probiotics on a daily basis — they could be your ticket to a healthier, happier life.

Are you aware of all the benefits human probiotics provide?

You can find human probiotics in foods like yogurt, kombucha, and even sourdough bread. Probiotics are live microorganisms that have loads of benefits, such as improving your mental health, keeping your heart healthy, and more!


Here are 6 advantages of human probiotics.

Balance gut bacteria

In our bodies, we have two types of bacteria: good and bad. Probiotics are good bacteria and help balance your system to keep you healthy. Basically, when you get sick or build up bad bacteria, probiotics come in and fight it off!

Improve mental health

There have been a growing number of studies linking gut health to mood and mental health. Some of these studies found that taking probiotic supplements or eating yogurt can improve symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress!
Consider having a kombucha on your lunch break for a mid-afternoon pick me up!

Keep your heart healthy

Some studies have found that probiotics can reduce "bad" cholesterol and blood pressure. This means eating some yogurt every day can reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke in the long run!

Reduce severity of allergies

Although more research needs to be done, we’re finding there may be a link between probiotics and the severity of allergies and eczema. The benefits have been shown in children and infants, but the verdict is still out on its overall effectiveness in adults.

Boost immune system

Multiple studies have started to link probiotics with an improved immune system. There is evidence that probiotics may reduce the likelihood and duration of respiratory infections.

Assist with weight loss

There's still research to be done, but certain strains of probiotics have been linked to weight loss. Probiotics found in yogurt may help you feel full for longer, causing you to burn more calories and store less fat! One study also found that women who supplemented with probiotics during diets lost 50% more weight than those who did not.

There’s much more research that still needs to be done, but it seems probiotics are an incredible addition to any diet. One of our favorite ways to take human probiotics is with Greek yogurt, fruit, and some granola!

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