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Menstrual Nesting Syndrome Why Youre Cleaning Frantically

Menstrual Nesting Syndrome: Why You're Cleaning Frantically

Do you feel an urge to clean right before your period? You’re probably experiencing menstrual nesting syndrome. Learn more about it here!

Amongst the crankiness, hot flashes, and bursts of energy, have you noticed an urge to “nest” right before your period? You’re probably experiencing menstrual nesting syndrome!

Menstrual nesting syndrome is the reason you’re compulsively doing the laundry, cleaning, organizing . . . bathing the neighbor’s cat?

No, you’re not going crazy. You only feel like you are. Many scientists have gone out of their way to prove it! Research suggests that menstrual nesting syndrome is a combination of higher estrogen and stress levels. Whether it’s your rollercoaster hormones or a stress response, who wouldn’t want to burrow amongst pillows, chocolate boxes, and gallons of ice cream in an inviting atmosphere?

cleaning the house

Scientists say it’s your hormones’ fault

Let’s clarify something: We’re not talking about your normal desire to live in a welcoming environment. We’re talking about the obsessive drive to clean, coupled with mood swings during the days just before your period. Similar to nesting syndrome in pregnant women, scientists say the spike in estrogen levels before menstruating is the reason you get powerful motivation for tidying up, even though you may feel more tired than usual.

Others say it’s how you regain your calm

It makes sense that you would seek to slow down the emotional spinning wheel by rearranging the “nest.” You may have overlooked how many shirts piled up on your bed or how many shoes you’ve tripped over by the door. The clutter in your home can add stress to your body and mind, so one of the easiest ways to reduce that stress is to freshen up your surroundings. Cleaning and organizing give you a sense of control, as well as a cozy place to rest when your period starts! That little bit of control and comfort grants you much-wanted peace.

Even if you forgot to mark on your calendar when your next period is due, an unusual drive to clean might give you the advanced reminder. Make those days easier to bear by leaning into your nesting syndrome drive to clean. The fresh surroundings will help your mind and hormones feel balanced. It’s one little thing you can control, so you can feel more like yourself!

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