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Hit the Books in Style With These Dorm Must-Haves

Hit the Books in Style With These Dorm Must-Haves

Prepare for the college experience of your dreams with these dorm room must-haves.

Back-to-school doesn’t have to be boring. Elevate your place with these dorm room must-haves!

Dorm life is a right of passage for every college student. For many of us, it’s the first time in our lives where we make our own decisions and experience exponential growth. We want to help you have the most stylish room in the whole dormitory — that’s why you need these dorm room must-haves!

Check out the options we’ve rounded up below.

Dorm Desk Bookshelf

As we all know, dorm rooms are teeny tiny, and when you have to share the room with one or more people, you may not have enough room to store all your items. The best way to utilize the space is to add savvy storage options, like this Dorm Desk Bookshelf from DormCo. Now when anyone comes over, you won’t have to shove everything in a closet or under your bed.

Book Safe

Worried about your valuables but hate chunky safes? Compromise with a book safe. A book safe is a diversion safe which camouflages with your textbooks but has a concealed compartment where you can hide your fine jewelry and important documents, so you can be incognito while protecting your belongings!

Bedside Caddy

College students love to lounge around on their beds. Whether you’re hanging with the girls or cramming for your next exam, your bed is the best place to sit in your room. Instead of having to get up and down, have a place to conveniently store all your essentials with this bedside caddy. This caddy can hold multiple items, including your laptop, books, notebooks, binders, pens, phones, and anything else you might need by your side.

dorm style

Styled Headboards

Stand out from the crowd by adding a headboard to your twin-sized bed. Adding a headboard is one of the easiest ways to elevate your room’s vibe. DormCo has a variety of headboards to choose from: cow print, plush, and velvet, to name a few.

Stylish Seating

There are only so many people who can sit comfortably on a twin-sized mattress. Once three or more people join the hangout session, you’ll need to have extra seating to accommodate them. That’s where stylish seating options come to play! We recommend this Convertible Lounge Chair, which not only works as a chair, but also converts into a bed!

With these dorm room must-haves, your room will be the talk of campus! We want to see how you decked out your dorm room! Tag us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook @mobilestylesapp.


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