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How To Stay Active and Healthy While WFH

How To Stay Active and Healthy While WFH

Tired of staring at your computer all day? Here’s how to stay active and healthy while working remotely!

With everything going on in the world, many of us have found ourselves working remotely. It can be tricky to exercise, stay healthy, and keep your mood up when working from home. We’ve got you covered!

stay active

Stay active and healthy while working remotely!

With a few simple tricks, you can stay fit and healthy while working from home!

Start small

Implementing positive habits and healthy lifestyle changes can be stressful if you do too much too fast. With anything you try, start small! As kids, we had to crawl before we could learn to walk or run. Implementing lifestyle changes is much the same! Break your goal down into smaller actionable chunks and build up as time goes on.

Take frequent breaks

Sitting in front of and staring at a computer all day can be mind-numbing and have negative health consequences. Studies have shown sitting for long periods can increase your risk of chronic illness and negatively impact your mental health. Take a 15-minute break to walk around and stretch every hour or so. This little activity will improve your mood while also ensuring you’re staying active and healthy!

Stay hydrated

One of the quickest ways to dim your mood and harm your health is to neglect water. Be sure you stay adequately hydrated throughout the day! We recommend investing in a reusable water bottle and making it a goal to finish it each work day.

healthy meals

Eat a healthy meal

If you're working from home, you might be struggling to resist the urge to snack. Start with one healthy meal a day. It doesn't matter if it's your breakfast, lunch, or dinner. One healthy meal will add up over time and ensure you're mindful of your body and its needs. Yogurt bowls, salads, and lean proteins are great places to start!

Implement a routine

Not all of us enjoy a well-structured routine and day. However, having a designated start and end time to your workday ensures you’re not overworking or stressing yourself out. Try going for a brisk walk before or after you work to get into the proper mindset. Or, craft an alternative routine that works for you!

Stimulate your mind

Keeping your brain active and healthy is equally important to your body! Healthy mind, healthy body, right? Stimulate your mind with books, hobbies, or anything else you find interesting. This ensures you're not getting too caught up with work and forgetting to satisfy your interests.

Invest in outside resources

If you can fit it into your budget, investing in outside resources to stay active is a great option. There are countless resources and websites you can look into to find standing desks, yoga mats, or even exercise balls to replace your desk chair! Do some digging and see if anything catches your eye. Give it a shot and see what works!

Participate in a home workout

Home workout routines, such as calisthenics and yoga, are great ways to stay active while you WFH. You can add these into your pre-work routine or your after-hours wind-down session. You might also consider taking an exercise break in the middle of the day. This mid-day exercise will get your blood pumping and help you through that mid-day slump. Check out some of our articles here!

facetime with friends

Facetime with friends

Even if you're a hardcore introvert, working remotely can take a toll on your social skills. Calling and Facetiming friends and coworkers will surely boost your mood! Make time on your lunch break, or before and after work, to catch up with friends and family and stay connected.

Staying active and healthy is crucial to having a positive mood and work/life balance. Make an effort every day to stay active and eat healthy, and you’re sure to improve your well-being!

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