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You Need to Follow These Bald Fashion Influencers

You Need to Follow These Bald Fashion Influencers

No hair, no problems! Check out these bald fashion, beauty, and lifestyle influencers you need to follow right now!

You don’t need hair to make a statement on social media. These bald fashion, beauty, and lifestyle influencers are showing the world just that!

Bald fashion is in! The societal standard of beauty is constantly changing — that’s why it’s important to decide what makes you feel beautiful and pursue that, regardless of what others may say.

Check out the influencers we’ve rounded up below!


Laura Hathaway

The first bald influencer to hit our list is Laura Hathaway. Despite being born with Alopecia Universalis (AU), a condition that causes you to lose all your hair, Laura never stopped pursuing her dreams. On Instagram, she is known for amazing bodybuilding, figure posing, and fitness coaching. You can even book a fitness consultation with her through Instagram @laurahathawayifbbpro!

bald woman with kid

Kylie Bamberger

Mother of two, fashion lover, and an AU advocate, Kylie Bamberger is an influencer you don’t want to miss. Through social media, she has been to open the world about alopecia, including what it is, how to live with it, and how to love yourself no matter how you look. Follow her on Instagram @kyliebamberger!

bald make up

Mei Pang

If you enjoy viewing creative beauty influencers, you need to check out Mei Pang immediately. She’s a bald makeup artist who creates fun, eccentric, and out-of-this-world makeup looks. You’ll have to check out her IG @meicrosoft to truly understand what we’re talking about. Plus, she has an assortment of cool tattoos you’re going to want to see!

Cheetos chips


We love a male beauty influencer! While Skelotim is a beauty guru, he also adds fun and entertainment with many of his tutorials. For example, he bases many of his makeup looks on snacks like Doritos or M&Ms. If you like to be entertained while looking at makeup, follow him @skelotim now!

bald woman on heels


A fierce bald fashion influencer you need to follow ASAP is Zeinabou. You can follow her on IG @thezeinabou to watch her showcase her bald look with incredible outfits and poses. You can spend hours looking at all her stunning photos!

Ben Whit

Ben Whit

As the UK’s first plus-sized male model and bald influencer, we could not forget to add Ben Whit to our list. If you enjoy good looking men with dad bods and beards, Ben is right up your alley! His Instagram is full of fun, fashion, and travel photos. Check him out @benrwhit!

Did we miss any of your favorite bald fashion, beauty, or lifestyle influencers? Let us know today! Tag us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook @mobilestylesapp. If you’re ready to join the bald movement, let one of our hairstylists or barber PROs help! Download the MOBILESTYLES App today to book your first appointment.


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