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The Definitive Best Organic Facial Oils to Hydrate Your Skin

The Definitive Best Organic Facial Oils to Hydrate Your Skin

Incorporate these organic facial oils into your skincare routine to get glowing, hydrated skin.

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A nighttime routine should provide a serene and ritualistic space for you to ground to the universe, heal from the stresses of the day, and (last but not least) plot the downfall of your enemies. After all, one successful night of skincare does have the power to solidify world peace, reverse your parents' divorce, and reboot New Girl on Fox . . . right?

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to get to a point where you find solace in your skincare routine when you don't know which products are right for you. Personally, I used to become overwhelmed at the thought of entering the enchanting forest of organic facial oils and elixirs. Like all beautiful women, though, I wanted to feel like a potion-mixing witch when applying various concoctions to my face, so I was forced to master the craft. If I hadn’t, I could’ve ended up using the wrongs products, purely to live out my childhood fantasy of being the fourth Sanderson sister.

To help you navigate the crowded outlet mall that is skincare, and feel like the hottest witch in town, we’ve compiled a list of the best organic facial oils to keep your skin gorgeous and dewy.

1. Revitalize Organic Facial Oil

One of our absolute favorite oils is this Revitalize Organic Facial Oil by NakedPoppy, which is priced at $42. It was named "Best Natural Facial Oil" by Byrdie Beauty, and for good reason! This gorgeous product is cruelty-free, vegan, and suitable for all skin types. The effects are wonderful, too — it helps your skin retain hydration, minimizes fine lines, and leaves a dewy finish that lasts all day. Plus, the product features high-quality rosehip seed oil that’s sourced from a sustainable, women-led farm in Patagonia, Chile. As soon as COVID’s under control, I'm booking a one-way ticket to Patagonia and living out the rest of my days under their rule!

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2. PURA D'OR Organic Rosehip Seed Oil

If you’re looking for a more affordable option for beautiful skin, this PURA D‘OR Organic Rosehip Seed Oil is rich in benefits, under $15, and a best-seller on Amazon! The ingredients include antioxidants, vitamins A and C, and retinol — all of which improve the look of skin and reduce acne scars. This product leaves you with firm skin and reduces signs of aging. Plus, PURA D'OR guarantees your satisfaction with this product; if you’re not pleased, they’ll give you a full refund for up to a year after purchase! We’ve crunched the numbers, done the math, and researched the figures — there's nothing to lose, and much to gain, by trying this product.

3. Gold mine face oil

This oil is $56, which is pretty inexpensive when you consider it’s made of liquid gold. Just kidding, but the real ingredients are even better! Some highlights include prickly pear seed oil, jojoba oil, and cranberry seed oil. These ingredients improve skin elasticity, moisturize your face, prevent signs of aging, and have ridiculously adorable names. I mean, “prickly pear seed oil”? Give me a break! I need this product. The beautiful packaging is a pretty strong incentive to purchase, too. Get skin that shines like gold with this gorgeous gold mine face oil by drifter organics!

Love these products? Let us know which of these organic facial oils you use to get skin that glows by tagging @mobilestylesapp on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter!


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