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4 Kid-Friendly Activities for Visiting Grandma

4 Kid-Friendly Activities for Visiting Grandma

Visiting grandma and grandpa will be better than ever with these kid-friendly activities to do with grandparents.

Visiting grandma and grandpa is about to get even more fun with these kid-friendly activities!

The bond between grandchild and grandparent is one of a kind. Plus, what kid doesn’t love being pumped full of sugar and handed some secret side cash? This September 12, on Grandparents Day, show grandma and grandpa how much you care by spending time doing fun activities together!

Keep scrolling to discover our list of activities to do with gram and gramps!


No matter your age, arts and crafts never get old! A craft that many kids love is painting. Nothing beats getting messy while creating a work of art. One of the best things about painting is it’s a great hands-on activity that’s easy on the joints, so grandma and grandpa will enjoy it just as much as the kids!

Group Excursion

A great activity to do with kids and grandparents is going on any type of excursion! Whether the group decides to go to the zoo or an amusement park, there’s always something fun to do for all ages. For younger grandkids, we recommend the zoo, aquarium, children's museum, or the park. For older grandkids, we recommend an amusement or water park. Don’t forget to take photos along the way to document the adventure!

Themed Photo Exhibits

All over the U.S., themed photo exhibits are popping up. We recommend visiting fun and colorful exhibits — for example, a candy-themed or cartoon-themed spot!


Drive-In Movie

Let grandma and grandpa show the kids how they used to watch movies. Now that it’s fall, the cooler weather is perfect for watching a movie outside (plus, it’s COVID-19 safe). It’s also a great opportunity for grandparents to teach their grandkids a quick history lesson! Before heading out, stock up on some snacks and grab a blanket to fully enjoy the experience.

With these kid-friendly activities, visiting grandma and grandpa will be a blast! We want to see the family having fun! Tag us in your Grandparents Day photos on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook @mobilestylesapp today.


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