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The 6 Best Fall Colognes That Will Turn Heads

The 6 Best Fall Colognes That Will Turn Heads!

Trying to find the perfect fall cologne to turn the heads of passers by? MOBILESTYLES App has you covered!

Scents should be worn for the occasion and season, especially fall colognes.

With Autumn just around the corner, we can finally start wearing warmer scents! In the hotter months, lighter and cleaner-smelling colognes are definitely the way to go. The colder months allow for more intense aromas.

Wearing any of these scents will definitely leave an impression!

What makes an excellent cold weather cologne?

When it comes to cold weather scents, you can't go wrong with wood, leather, or amber. Cinnamon, vanilla, and spice fragrances pair better for winter but can also be worn during the fall!

The One for Men by Dolce & Gabbana

You can't go wrong with this classic fall scent! This cologne strikes the perfect autumn smell with notes of amber, tobacco, grapefruit, and ginger. It's relatively cheap, easy to find, turns heads, and makes a great cologne for date night!

Angel Men Pure Malt by Thierry Mugler

Another crowd favorite date night scent is Angel Men Pure Malt. Pure Malt is sophisticated and enticing. The elegant notes of whiskey, malt, orange, and cedar combine to create the most intoxicating scent. Keep in mind, this is a strong fragrance, so a little goes a long way!


Sauvage Eau de Parfum by Dior

We wouldn't be surprised if you've heard of this cologne already, as it's a compliment-grabbing heavyweight! It has notes of Sichuan peppercorn, lavender, and vanilla. The most dominant part of the scent is the Ambroxan, a synthetic and somewhat metallic amber smell. If you're looking to capture the attention of your crush, Sauvage is the way to go!

Halloween Man X by Jesus Del Pozo

Another excellent budget cologne on our list is Halloween Man X. With notes of coffee tonka bean, whiskey, and leather, it has the perfect masculine scent to match the cold fall weather. I mean, with Halloween in the name, how can it not be meant for fall?

Polo Red Intense by Ralph Lauren

You've definitely heard of the Polo series line of cologne. Polo Red Intense has beautiful notes of coffee and cranberry. It may sound a bit strange, but the fruity notes mix exceptionally well with the richer coffee notes. Pick up this scent if you're looking for something more unique this fall.

Pure XS by Paco Rabanne

Pure XS by Paco Rabanne is a scent that plays heavily on sweeter notes. Vanilla, sugar, cinnamon, and murr combine to create an alluringly sweet smell. When you first spray it on, it tends to jump off the skin. As it dries down, however, you get a more profound, warm, sweet smell. Try this one if you enjoy scents on the sweeter side!

These are just a few of the scents we recommend! Remember, fall cologne is like a fashion accessory in that it should always complement your outfit and the occasion.

What are your favorite colognes? Let us know on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter @mobilestylesapp!


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