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The Fall 2021 Trends That Will Dominate This Season

The Fall 2021 Trends That Will Dominate This Season

Praying these fall 2021 trends stick around long after the season ends.

We’ve wrangled up the top fall 2021 trends sure to inspire your most show-stopping looks yet.

As soon as the first leaf falls in September, a person may layer eight articles of clothing on their torso and completely remove the potential for passerby to decipher the shape of their body. Am I a linebacker or a ballerina? I could be either under this frock, and I’ll never tell!

Unfortunately, I attempted to morph into a Billie Eilish caricature a little too early this year. In 85 degree Southern California heat, I quickly learned my lesson. I was forced to minimize my layers and wait with eager anticipation for autumn, because surprisingly, pit stains are not among the top fall 2021 trends! Don't worry, stain-lovers; we’ll get 'em next year.

Get ready to snuggle up with a good book (Twilight, probably?) and an overpriced chai latte this fall in extremely chic garb.


Sequins and sparkles galore!

Sparkles are ruling the runway this year at shows by Dries Van Noten, Paco Rabanne, Valentino, Loewe, and more. For the most part, the designers are creating structured pieces that optically alter the shape of the body, rather than flatter it in a conventional sense. If you want to look like you just waltzed straight off the runway, opt for a bold, structured blazer, and pair it with a sequin statement top.

Denim that allows for easy-pantsing

Denim pieces are back in a big way. During the last year, oversized jeans have been a staple in every TikTok star’s closet, and designers at fashion week are proving that the denim renaissance isn’t slowing down. Victoria Beckham and Alberta Ferretti are two of many designers who’re focusing on bold denim looks, and their influence is sure to be seen all over street fashion. Be the coolest girl at the coffee shop and pair an oversized pair of light-wash jeans with your coziest sweater and some chunky shoes.

Vests — AKA business woman cosplay

Loose layering is my new favorite technique when it comes to disguising myself as a gorgeous stock broker (one who donates half of her yearly income to the poor, of course). Tory Burch, Gucci, and Valentino are some of many designers who are using vests to elevate the classic business look. The effect is masculine and bold, especially when paired with loafers or boots. Layering your vests over shirts and under jackets this fall will create a fresh take on a traditional look. Don’t be afraid to dabble in fashion trends that are historically masculine! Fashion has no gender, and sporting a new look, especially one that seems intimidating, can give you a whole new sense of confidence.

Baby tees (aptly named for grown-up babies)

To quote legend and icon Fred Arminsen in his notable cameo in the pilot for Broad City, “I can pay you in blocks?” If you still feel like a little baby in a world full of grown-ups, express that sense of age-based confusion in the clothes you wear! Adorable baby tees with lettuce trims and graphic prints are huge this fall — despite their dainty size. Perhaps this is the final level of the Y2K fashion resurgence that’s being spearheaded by teens on TikTok. Pair your baby tee with a straight-leg jean and some butterfly hair clips to complete the early 2000s fantasy.


Picture-perfect platforms

The perfect addition to every look this fall is a platform shoe. Whether you’re rocking sandals or boots, the extra height will elevate the look, literally! And what’s even more fun than a platform? An ugly platform! This fall, the uglier the better. Pair your favorite platforms with a baggy jean or a mini dress, and get ready to see your wardrobe in a whole new light . . . and from a whole new height (sorry!).

Now that you’re officially inspired by the top fall 2021 trends, show us your favorite look and tag @mobilestylesapp on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter!


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