As makeup lovers already know, beauty trends are all about enhancing your eyes. Even with face masks covering up the bottom halves of our faces, we can still indulge in the latest eyeliner trend!

Your eyes are the window to your soul and should be highlighted (literally and figuratively). You can do this easily with the latest eyeliner trends.

With the delta variant spreading like wildfire, masks are being mandated again in many places to help protect ourselves, families, and communities. That just means it’s time to focus on our eyes with the newest eyeliner trends! It can be as simple as a pop of color or a minimalist line to complement your bone structure. Eyeliner is all about getting creative and artistic! All you really need is your favorite felt-tip liquid liner and the colorful eyeshadow you’ve been dying to try.

Here are 5 eyeliner trends you have to try this season!

Oversized Cat-Eye Liner

We are obsessing over the drama, the bold statement, and of course the sharp edges. With this oversized cat-eye liner look, you’ll be the center of attention, even with a mask!

Multicolored Eyeliner

If you want to try something more artistic and avant-garde, try using multiple colors to do your liner. We like to use two or three colors that complement each other to really make them pop!

Modern Cat-Eye Liner

A bit softer than the oversized graphic liner, the modern cat-eye is perfect for those who have large eyelids. The dramatic black liner is balanced by the refined and precise placement of minimalist black lines along the contours of the eye. Check out this Instagram post to see what we mean!

Eyeliner with Gems

Want to look like a gorgeous cast member of the HBO series Euphoria? Try an eyeliner look with glitter, gems, or rhinestones, and get ready to be mistaken for Zendaya!

red make up

Red Eyeliner

Make a statement with our favorite trend: red eyeliner. It’s exciting, chic, and will definitely pop, even with a face mask!

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