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Be the Best Dressed on Your Zoom Call in These Soft Pajamas

Be the Best Dressed on Your Zoom Call in These Soft Pajamas

Get ready to be chic (and comfy) on your next zoom call! Check out these soft pajamas for days when you can’t fathom wearing jeans.

Elevate your bedtime look with these gorgeous, soft pajamas.

Embarking on a late night trip to the grocery store as an adult requires a significant amount of courage. One of my greatest fears is encountering an acquaintance from the past, whose existence is entirely purged from my memory, until suddenly locking eyes with their reflection in the frosted glass of the ice cream aisle. This fear, I theorize, is universal and accounts the massive success of food delivery apps.

It’s jarring to roll up to Trader Joe's while sporting a ratty t-shirt, stained sweatpants, and unwashed hair, only to find yourself staring into the eyes of the local high school football coach. Or the boy from first grade who’d hold his breath until he’d pass out. Or the 45-year-old youth group pastor who’d insist on wearing Vans and skinny jeans for each sermon.

Immediately, I drop my Joe-Joe’s cookies, sprint out of the store, and swear that I’ll only invest in glamorous pajama sets, like ones Kendall Jenner might wear on a late night trip to purchase the entire city of Chicago. Passersby will have no choice but to assume I have my life together, as I don my matching pajama set to buy a pack of Hostess Twinkies and a case of White Claws on a Tuesday at 9 p.m. They’ll believe me a fashion mogul, or at least a woman who showers everyday.

After one too many awkward encounters, I finally rounded up five of the most glamorous, soft pajamas the internet has to offer, so I can dupe strangers who see me buying my own groceries into wondering, “How does she do it?”


Crawl out of bed in style in these timeless pajama sets.

Desmond & Dempsey Floral Contrast Pajama Set

This set is as sophisticated as it is funky. The beautiful mix of colors and flowers give a fresh feel to the classic silhouette. The top is totally business appropriate, and no one has to know that you slept in it for three nights in a row before wearing it to work on Monday! Commit to “sleep chic” and pair the whole set with some strappy heels for a comfortable, bold look. Be prepared for compliments galore!

Honeydew Intimates All American PJ Set

A classic, simple set should never be overlooked. These honeydew intimates are utterly cozy, classic, and basic enough to be paired with endless options. The set is perfect to wear while sipping cocoa by the fire, and can also be worn out for errands without drawing any suspicion that you recently napped in it. Pair the set with a mid-length duster and a chunky platform sandal for an elevated look.

Tami Bea Printed Satin Pajama Set

This gorgeous satin set features an extremely precious and charming pattern. A loose button-down and drawstring shorts are the perfect combination for a photoshoot-worthy movie night at home. Incorporate this look into your daytime wardrobe by contrasting the ultra feminine top with a dark wash jean and a pointed toe for the perfect dinner look.


Lunya Washable Silk Cami Pant Set

The silk cami pant set by Lunya is truly a work of art. It’s effortless, classy, and luxurious. You’ll feel like a royal, or Rihanna if you’re lucky, as you drift off to sleep in these. If you decide to give the outside world the honor of witnessing you in this set, pair it with slides, a cardigan, and simple jewelry to let the silk set be the star of the show.

Sport any of these soft pajamas at the grocery store and never shamefully duck behind flower displays again! Show off your favorite set by tagging @mobilestylesapp on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.


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