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Tepache Cocktail A Caffeine-Free Alternative to Kombucha

Tepache Cocktail: A Caffeine-Free Alternative to Kombucha

A probiotic drink that requires no starter, no “feeding,” and fizzes within three days? Meet the Tepache cocktail.

Tepache cocktail is a traditional fermented drink from Mexico with even more probiotics than Kombucha . . . and none of the caffeine.

Grab a glass container, a kitchen towel, and get ready to bubble up your day.

When you want to boost your health with probiotics, without pumping your body with caffeine, Tepache is your go-to drink. Make this traditional cocktail at home within minutes, using scraps you would’ve otherwise thrown away. Try our Tepache cocktail recipe for a fizzy drink with a spiced pineapple flavor!

What is Tepache made of?

Traditionally, Tepache is made with pineapple rinds and chunks, water, and piloncillo. The latter is unrefined cane sugar in the shape of a cone, which you can find in the international foods section of most grocery stores. Brown sugar makes for a good substitute, though.

The next time you make a smoothie or serve a plate of pineapple chunks, save those rinds and leftover fruit! Tuck them away in a Ziploc bag in the freezer until you have enough to make Tepache.

Tepache is easier to brew than Kombucha

Brewing Kombucha at home is a tedious process and makes one $5 bottle seem worth the trip to the grocery store. Otherwise, you have to ferment black tea for a week, do a second fermentation, “feed” the scoby regularly, keep an eye out for mold . . .

What if you just want a healthy, homemade drink, not a part-time hobby?

Mix pineapple, spices, water, and sugar — and drink your Tepache cocktail within three days. Enjoy it any time of day, since Tepache has no caffeine to keep you awake! Hear those refreshing bubbles rising to the top of your glass? That’s the sound of satisfaction.

Health benefits of Tepache cocktail

The probiotic strains present in Tepache support your gut health and immune system. Some of the strains, like L. lactis and E. faecium, protect your body from harmful bacteria that trigger diseases or inflammation. Tepache makes for a good vegan source of probiotics to keep in the fridge!


Tepache cocktail recipe


2 liters of water

1 cone of piloncillo or 1 cup of brown sugar

Peels and core from 1 ripe pineapple

Optional: cinnamon, ginger, cloves, mint leaves, basil leaves


1. Boil 1 cup of water to dissolve the piloncillo.
2. Add the sugar water, pineapple chunks, and peels to a glass container.
3. Use a small glass cup to keep the pineapple submerged (this prevents mold growth).
4. Cover the container with cheesecloth.
5. Ferment for 1 to 3 days in a sunny spot.
6. Strain, pour into bottles, and serve chilled.

Tepache is a healthy probiotic alternative to Kombucha that you can make at home with minimal work. Mix pineapple scraps, water, sugar, and spices, then watch the bubbles foam for the next three days. Pour yourself a chilled glass of caffeine-free, vegan, gut-supporting Tepache cocktail whenever you need a refresher! Yum!


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