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Its a Menrsquos Pouch Best Bags for Men

It's a Men’s Pouch: Best Bags for Men

Men’s pouches are great fashion accessories. Find out how to style them with our full guide!

However you want to refer to them — men’s pouches, bags, purses, and satchels make excellent fashion accessories.

Men’s pouches and bags aren’t only practical, they can also be fashion statements! Having a bag, or even a few, within your wardrobe adds an enormous amount of possibilities and versatility.


Read on for all you need to know about bags, purses, and satchels!

It can be confusing figuring out where to start with all the different types of bags and satchels. Names like totes, duffels, hobo bags, and clutches can seem daunting. So, where do we start?


The humble backpack

We’re all familiar with backpacks. If you thought backpacks lost their value after high school, you’re sorely mistaken! A backpack that was once filled with papers, textbooks, and brown bag lunches can easily be used as a fashion statement these days.

Options like the Herschel Little America Backpack adds a splash of color and variety to any outfit. Or, you can go for something that has an elegant outdoorsman feel to it, like a bag by Woosir. Wanna keep it low-key and practical? Try this Classic Compact Backpack by Bellroy.

Satchels and messenger bags

Satchel bags and messenger bags are relatively similar. Both of these bags can add an air of maturity and confidence to your appearance. These bags make for the perfect step from college student to young businessman while remaining incredibly practical!

If you’re looking for something a bit more grown-up, try leather options like The Jones or The KPL. Compact options might suit you better if you have a smaller laptop or carry less. If you want something completely practical, try waterproof bags like Timbuk2!

Duffle bags

Duffle bags and weekender bags are excellent for traveling or when you’re carrying a bit more. You probably won’t be wearing these around the town, but they’re a wonderful addition for your next road trip or gym session.

Are you having a hard time carrying a change of clothes, running shoes, and more to the gym? Look no further than the Nike Brasilia. Need something for your weekend camping trip that remains stylish? Try the Iliamna Canvas Duffle. Hopping on a plane and don’t need any extra frills? Herschel Supply Co. has you covered.


How to style your bag

Now that you have some of the essential bags covered, it’s time to style them. Although bags serve a practical purpose, they’re still fashion accessories, and there are some dos and don’ts you should know about!

Start with the color

Sticking to the basics makes fashion easy. When choosing a bag or pairing a bag with an outfit, make sure the colors go together. You want to start with classic colors like navy, brown, or black. These colors will go with most outfits and add a sense of elegance to your overall fit.

Match the occasion

Different bags will serve other purposes. I mean, they were created as tools, first and foremost. Messengers and satchels will be suitable for the office, while totes are going to be great for shopping. However, bringing a heavy-duty duffel bag on a date or to the park might not be practical. Match the type of your bag to your outing!

Match your fit

Just like with the colors and occasion, you should match your bag with your overall outfit. What do we mean? Taking a full-leather suitcase with you in gym shorts is going to create an incongruent look. On the flip side, wearing a brightly colored backpack with a suit will not pair well. Be sure to pick a bag that matches your overall fit and the vibe you’re trying to present.

We only scratched the surface of men’s pouches and how to style them. The world is truly your oyster! There are additional options like fanny packs, briefcases, and more. Try out a few different styles and materials to see what works for you.

What’s your favorite type of bag? Let us know on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter by tagging @mobilestylesapp!


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