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Top Care Allergy Relief Doctor-Approved Home Remedies

Top Care Allergy Relief: Doctor-Approved Home Remedies

Get rid of seasonal allergies for good with doctor-approved home remedies. It’s the real top care allergy relief you wish you had known long ago!

How do you battle pollen that brings on sneezing, itching, and a stuffy nose? Read on for top care allergy relief!

It’s hard to work, sleep, or even eat in peace when seasonal allergies make breathing a chore. Over-the-counter pharmaceuticals may temporarily help with the symptoms, but then you have to deal with the side effects, like drowsiness. There is a better way — a long-term solution to appease the histamines responsible for your seasonal allergies. Check with your doctor to find out which of the home remedies below you can use for top care allergy relief.

Breathe in the sunshine all year long with five doctor-approved home remedies to get rid of seasonal allergies for good.

What’s causing your seasonal allergy symptoms?

In one word: histamines. Your body releases chemicals called histamines as a response to allergens. These chemicals produce inflammation, among the allergy symptoms you’re feeling, in an attempt to protect your body.

Most pharmaceuticals contain antihistamines to block the excess histamine release and the allergies discomfort. However, this doesn’t quite fix the problem, does it?

The real reason for the changing seasons to trigger allergies is a weak immune system. Fortify your natural armor against common allergens and your histamine levels will remain where you want them.

Natural antihistamines

The most effective way to get allergy relief is to strengthen your body against irritants. The five foods in this list contain nutrients that act as natural antihistamines. Combine them to maximize their top care allergy relief effects. Be sure to check with your doctor before trying these natural antihistamines if you’re on medication.


Bee pollen

You’ve heard about honey being good for allergies, but have you tried bee pollen? Most health stores and markets carry these nutrient-dense pods. Research shows that bee pollen contains powerful flavonoids, including quercetin, which suppress antibodies. Adding bee pollen to your smoothies, soups, or tea might protect you from pollen allergens and other irritants in the environment. Start with ¼ teaspoon servings to watch out for possible adverse reactions.


Ginger root

Ginger’s zesty kick will clear your sinuses within seconds. The root contains phenolic compounds, such as gingerol, that protect the respiratory system. For instant allergy relief, make a ginger paste with lemon and honey. If the bite is more than you can handle, infuse water with a few ginger chunks and drink it warm.

red onion

Red onion

Your perfect excuse to eat more Vietnamese pho! Eating raw onions loads your body with high concentrations of quercetin, a potent anti-allergen. Studies show that besides ingesting onions, applying their juice outside the nasal cavities treats upper respiratory issues. Topical use might be too unpleasant, so include raw onion in your salads, soups, or sandwiches instead.



Both the fresh rhizome and the powder are so potent that herbal doctors in Asia use it to treat pneumonia and other bronchial diseases. Turmeric packs in antioxidants that support your health year long. Flavor your soups, rice, casseroles, smoothies, oatmeal, tea, and salad dressings with turmeric — you’ll wave a tissue goodbye to seasonal allergies forever!


Stinging nettle

Welcome this invasive weed into your kitchen! The anti-inflammatory properties of stinging nettle make it especially helpful for treating allergies. It tastes similar to spinach, which means your pastas, smoothies, and soups will taste great with a stinging nettle substitute. Buy it dried at the store to skip the lengthy prep that makes it safe for consumption.

The changing seasons carry new challenges with them. Discard seasonal allergies as one of those challenges! Include the doctor-approved home remedies from this post into your diet, starting today. They’ll fortify your immune system and regulate your histamine levels, without the side effects of pharmaceuticals. It’s the real top care allergy relief you wish you had known long ago!

*** Always check with your doctor to find out which natural remedies are safe for your personal needs.

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