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Scary or Sweet The Best Zodiac Costumes for Halloween

Scary or Sweet? The Best Zodiac Costumes for Halloween

For this Halloween, try using a zodiac costume to let the inner you shine!

Try going with a zodiac costume that will allow your authentic personality to shine!

Choosing a Halloween outfit is a heavy responsibility. Do you go for something that matches your personality? How about something scary or cute? With zodiac costumes, you can show the world who you really are!


Check out these costumes to try based on your zodiac sign.


Luckily for the sign of Aries, your costume can be pretty straightforward. You can go with a ram costume if you want something perfectly literal. You can make this outfit cute or scary with makeup and horns! However, there are other options if you’re not feeling like an animal. Aries signs are fiery and fierce, so go with hot red colors. Dress as a devil, warrior, or fierce Greek god!


The bull represents the sign of Taurus. How about a sexy bull costume? Or a full-blown cow onesie? Just like the other animals, you can dress these ideas up with makeup and accessories. Or, go with something that speaks to your sign’s nature, such as a chef, sexy construction worker, or elegant queen!


The Gemini symbol is the twins, so you’re going to have to be a bit creative. However, that should be easy for mentally fast Gemini! Try playing with color combinations and wigs for something more on the nose. For a low-key pop culture reference, go with costumes like Harley Quinn, Marilyn Monroe, or even Kanye West.



Let’s face it: no Cancer is going to be a crab for Halloween! You’re all way too cute to be wrapped up in such an oversized costume. Go for something timeless, like a fallen angel. Or, go as the iconic cancer queen herself, Ariana Grande, with an oversized sweatshirt and over-the-knee boots.


As a Leo, you probably already know what you’re dressing up as. If you don’t, you know you want it to be a show-stopper! Try a lion costume with bold makeup to really show your inner power. Alternatively, any bold look will suffice. Angels, demons, royalty — anything will do as long as it’s flattering and eye-catching!


We know all the Virgos out there are tired of getting the Beyoncé and angel recommendations! How about something a little more brave and daring? Try Hermoine from Harry Potter to show your courage and inquisitive side. Or, go with the Virgo Spiderman to show your heroism! Go with an elegant flowing dress and beautiful makeup for a show-stopping look.


As a Libra, you’re represented by the scales and planet of beauty Venus. What Halloween costumes could you come up with to describe these? How about a Greek goddess or a justice scales costume? Go with the Statue of Liberty for something on the nose. Alternatively, you can try cute outfits reminiscent of Barbie!


Whether the other signs like it or not, Scorpios rule Halloween. I mean, it is your season, after all! Try an elegant witch costume inspired by Maleficent. Or, go with classics like Morticia Gomez from The Addams Family. Whatever you decide, make it dark and mysterious to represent the true Scorpio nature.


As a natural-born traveler, teacher, and philosopher, your options are endless. Try Indiana Jones, Carmen San Diego, or even a Safari costume to show your passion for exploration and adventure! If you want something that represents your zodiac symbol, go with an archer or a centaur.


The sea goat represents Capricorn. That’s right, a goat and a mermaid combined. Weird, huh? Try going with a goat-inspired outfit, with horns and makeup to match. Or, go with an aquatic mermaid outfit to shine a light on your sensitive side! Alternatively, your sign has been known to be represented by the devil. Take those goat horns and pair them with some devilish makeup to match!


The water bearer symbolizes Aquarius. But, who wants to carry around a jug of water all night? Try going with a unicorn costume to show how unique and rare you genuinely are! Or, try something frightening like an alive zombie to shock everyone around you. Whatever it is you decide, we know it will be unique to your Aquarian tastes!



Last but not least, the water sign Pisces! Your symbol is the fish, so something aquatic is perfect for you. Try going for an underwater look with blue and teal colors. Or, to show off your other-worldly and ethereal side, try a fortune teller or alien costume. As a Pisces, with the right makeup and aesthetic, you can rock anything!

These are just some of our ideas for zodiac costumes! You still have a ton of time until Halloween, so try looking up inspirations in the meantime. Think about the strengths and traits of your zodiac sign.

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