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IPhone Camera Tricks for Sensational Instagram Photos

IPhone Camera Tricks for Sensational Instagram Photos

Dazzle your Instagram followers with these fun iPhone camera tricks for sensational photos!

Just a few handy iPhone camera tricks will have your Instagram followers stopping to gaze at your post.

Have fun disrupting their boring scroll with the hacks we’ve compiled for you below. Lights, camera — post!

Quick question: how do you capture someone’s attention when there are over 1,074 photos uploaded to Instagram every second? You lure them into your story. Everyday photos might not make a strong enough impression, but with a few iPhone camera tricks you can captivate your followers with thunderbolt power. The tricks are so easy that you won’t even need a photographer. Just a fun day out with friends for a bit of extra help and you’ll have new sensational Instagram posts!


Turn your phone upside down

Get the lowest possible angle by simply turning your phone upside down. This is how you catch stunning reflections on small puddles. Make a puddle whenever you want one with your own water bottle!

This trick also emphasizes the objects you want to feature, making for an engaging shot. The next time you visit a garden with a small patch of flowers, capture their beauty from the ground up.


Use movement to catch the viewer’s eye

Bring life to your poses for a striking effect. You can wave a long dress, a shawl, your hair . . . make it a fun outing by asking a friend to help!

Running away from the camera or walking toward it will also make your pose look natural. Life is movement — the more life you capture in your camera, the more attractive the photo.

You might find it easier to record a video, then select the perfect timeline mark. Take a screenshot and admire your masterpiece!


Add portable frames to the foreground

Sometimes you want a unique effect that no pre-set filter will give you. You also want to have the photo done in under five minutes, in any spot you choose.

It doesn’t get any easier than taking a photo with a mason jar “lens,” a book page with a hole in the center, or a small flower garland. Playing with a photoshoot in the snow? Cut a hole in a styrofoam sheet for your fantasy wonderland frame. Letting off steam at the beach? Cut the top and bottom of a plastic water bottle and line the inside with sand.


Tell a story with props

Everyday props make for a fun way to add depth to your photos. They give the viewer a peek into a regular day in your life and the feeling that you are no ordinary person.

Some ways to keep them gawking are to: dangle objects in front of the camera, throw leaves, blow bubbles, sprinkle glitter . . . anything that flashes that “wow” factor.


Splash around

This last iPhone camera trick is one of the most fun to play with at the beach or pool. Ask a friend to hold a bucket of water behind you. Coordinate with them so that when you say “go,” they splash to the side a couple of times.

Make each shot unique by substituting the bucket with a water sprayer, water guns, or even swinging your wet hair.

How did those photos come out? A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. Or they will, eventually, with a little practice. Keep playing around with the iPhone camera tricks above and your followers will open Instagram just to see your posts.

Dazzle us, too, with your next post! Tag @mobilestylesapp on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!



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