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5 Quick Easy and Delicious Dinner Ideas

5 Quick, Easy, and Delicious Dinner Ideas

Evening meal times don’t need to be stressful. We’re here to make cooking for busy professionals a breeze, with our top 5 easy and yummy recipes.

We’ve rounded up a selection of flavorsome, go-to dinner ideas to take the stress out of cooking for busy professionals. Dig in!

Check out 5 of our favorite hand-picked, delicious and simple recipes below for some fresh dinner time inspiration.

You know the story: it’s the end of another long day at work and you feel your stomach rumbling. You have no idea what to cook, and there’s simply not enough time to mess around with complex recipes or tons of ingredients. Don’t fear, cooking for busy professionals can be easy-going with the right recipes and just a little bit of forward thinking. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of 5 wonderful meal ideas that are both simple and scrumptious, to make dinnertime one less thing to worry about.


1. 30-minute sesame chicken noodle stir fry

When it comes to quick and versatile dinners, a stir fry has to be one of the ultimate go-to options. Just take some packet noodles of your choice, whip up a quick sauce with a few store cupboard ingredients, and add in whatever proteins and veggies you have on hand. It really is that simple!

This particular sesame chicken noodle stir fry recipe can be put together in under 30 minutes, and it’s one of our top picks for its sheer adaptability. There's no need to head to a specialty grocery store for uncommon ingredients, or to keep your eye on multiple pots and pans! You can even make a jar of the sauce ahead of time to save more of your precious minutes on the day-of. If you’re vegetarian or vegan, try subbing the chicken out for tofu, and simply switch up the oyster sauce for a vegan alternative.


2. Vegan chipotle portobello tacos

Get ready to experience the true joy of this spicy, smoky vegan taco recipe! You’ll be genuinely amazed at how much depth of flavor you can achieve in just 30 minutes. The chipotle portobello marinated mushrooms are the real star of the show here.

Just grab your refried beans, guacamole, and anything else you love to put on your tacos, and dig in! This is also a great sociable sharing recipe idea for when you have guests over and need to whip something up in a pinch.


3. One-pan orecchiette pasta

Let’s face it, there’s nothing quite like a comforting bowl of pasta to satisfy you at the end of a tiring day. This recipe uses orecchiette, which translates as “little ears” in Italian. Their round, concave shape means they hold onto all the yummy flavors you add to the dish.

If you’re dubious about whether a one-pot pasta recipe can truly deliver on taste, try it and see for yourself! Combining just a few store cupboard ingredients and a no-fuss method produces a nourishing evening meal that is also economical. Easily adaptable to your diet and taste, over time you’ll perfect that one pasta dish and come back time after time.


4. Sheet pan salmon and asparagus with potatoes

Another staple meal type to add to your dinner time routine when you’re short on time is the trusty sheet pan meal. Not only will this type of cooking save you time on prep, but it also makes for far less washing up afterward! That’s a win-win in our eyes.

This sheet pan salmon, potato, and asparagus recipe only requires a few basic ingredients and yet the classic flavors mesh perfectly together. It takes just 15 minutes to prepare and 25 minutes in the oven, with the outcome being a healthy, balanced, and wholesome evening meal.


5. Vegetarian lentil tortilla soup

Sometimes traditional soups can feel uninspiring. You’ll be pleased to know that this isn’t the case with this recipe! It provides a filling, healthy and delicious vegetarian meal with seriously popping Mexican flavors, and you can add whatever toppings you have on hand. Our advice: don’t skip the tortilla chips — they give an amazing texture and crunch!

Another great thing about this meal idea is that it provides you with various preparation methods, for the stovetop, pressure cooker, and slow cooker. We think slow cooker meals are a fantastic option for when you don’t have time in the evening: just chop and add all of your ingredients to the pot, and let it simmer away while you’re getting on with business. All you have to do later on is grab a bowl, add your toppings, and you’re good to go!

Who knew that cooking for busy professionals could be this stress-free and delicious? Share your favorite dinner recipe for when you’re short on time and tag us: @mobilestylesapp on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


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