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How to Level Up as a Bridal Makeup Artist

How to Level Up as a Bridal Makeup Artist

Few things are more rewarding than helping a bride feel like her most beautiful self on her big day. Here's how to be the best bridal makeup artist!

A bridal makeup artist needs to be fully prepared for anything thrown their way.

Weddings are the most important day in many people’s lives. As a bridal makeup artist, you want to make your client’s day special and one they’ll remember forever.

Here are five tips for making wedding day glam as stress-free as possible.

Get information prior to the event

There’s lots of planning involved in weddings, including the venue, food, and the wedding party outfits. Your client likely already has ideas for how they want their makeup, so ask what those ideas are! Remember to find out details of the number of people you’ll be doing makeup for, and don’t forget about inspo photos!


Set a schedule

After you know many people you’ll be doing makeup for and how intricate of a look they want, you should set a schedule to keep yourself on track. With your schedule in hand, you’ll know when you need to start and how long you have for each person. Send your schedule to your client too! They’ll want to know all the details, as well.

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Bring extra supplies

Picture this: you’re at the wedding and you’ve finished two of the five looks, but you just ran out of that pink eyeshadow everyone wanted. Tragic! Avoid awkward scenarios by bringing extras of everything to ensure you can do your job fully. Also bring supplies outside of the predetermined look in case of quick changes of heart!


Be prepared for anything

Sometimes, life happens . . . even on wedding day. Bad weather, vendor mishaps, or even wedding party drama can pop up, so walk into the wedding knowing that anything could happen. If something does, take a deep breath and keep focused on the task at hand.


Test how it looks on camera

Wedding photographers and videographers capture beautiful moments of happiness the couple will cherish forever, or at least that’s the goal. After you’ve applied all the makeup, ask the photographer or videographer to do a test run to make sure your makeup looks as good on camera as it does IRL.

A good bridal makeup artist creates wonderful memories for all involved in the special day. Making sure you’re prepared allows you to focus on your craft and give your best work.

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